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Stranger Danger!

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I was poking around on my iGoogle page today and found this helpful link to an article on How to Talk to Strangers. Very interesting. I used to be quite shy and had a lot of trouble talking to strangers, but I seemed to have turned into that kind of person who talks to strangers for absolutely no reason at all. I say hello to homeless people, nod hello to people on the street, and discuss the weather with people in line at the grocery store. When I’m feeling particularly good about my conversational skills, I even go out asking people if I can take their photos on the street. Usually people say yes, but I’ve had plenty of people say no.

My very favourite street shot of a stranger is of this guy who told me his name was Lucky. He’s from Brooklyn.


He was a cool guy. Do you talk to strangers on the street or on the bus?

Written by Reese

January 12, 2009 at 6:48 pm

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