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Ikea herb kits

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Ikea herb kits
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I have an addiction, and it’s green things. Hello? Can anyone help me? Does anyone want to help me? No? Ok, I’ll just be on my merry little green-plant-buying way, buying up all the planties I can find!

Yesterday, D and I visited Ikea to eat apple cake. The funny thing is that Ikea shut early, and we happened to get to the Café after they had put up the rope saying it was shut (it shuts an hour earlier than the rest of the store). After a quick debate, we jumped the rope only to have someone tell us that they were indeed shut. Luckily, I used my overly-brazen charisma to convince him that we only wanted to buy apple cake, which was still in the cold case, and would he be a dear and let us? Lo and behold, he was kind enough to get it for us, so we got to eat apple cake while the employees cleaned up the dining area around us.

Afterwards, we had about 40 minutes before the rest of the store shut, so I suggested poking around at the plant section (who didn’t see this coming). While I was debating if a ceramic orange pot would fit around a plastic pot, Darren found these very adorable kits for growing herbs in a little plastic tub. The plastic tubs measure about 9cm or 3.5in in diameter at the top and there are three herb varities: parsley, chives, and basil.

I ended up buying two basils and one chives. At $2.99 each, I could not resist.

The really cool thing is that it comes complete with dirt in the form of a super-compressed dried pellet. You add water and it grows to fill the plastic tub! How amazing! Just sprinkle the seeds from the seed packet on top and then it’s ready to grow.

I don’t know if the thing will grow or not, but it’s really cute!

PS – This is the very first stop-action video I’ve ever made using iMovie, so it’s not very good. Ha. It was fun! I think I’ll try making more in the future.

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April 13, 2009 at 12:53 pm

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Some container tomato links

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Yesterday, Darren and I went to the Home Depot, where I bought some plastic pots and plants. I am now the proud owner of a Patio Hybrid tomato plant, an okra plant, and an indoor rosemary plant. I repotted them into their respective containers all as soon as we got back and am pretty happy with them so far (no horrific deaths yet).

Being the little online freak that I am, of course I ended up joining the Helpful Gardener forums and poking around for tips on growing tomatoes and okra. The forum is actually really huge and awesome, so if you’re into gardening at all, you might want to check it out. They have tips for all kinds of growing conditions, including tomatoes in containers, which is what I was looking for.

I learned that since I have a determinate tomato plant, it’s going to ripen everything in about 2 weeks and then die off. Wonderful. That’s ok. I guess we’ll just have a ton of tomatoes for a while and then hopefully we’ll make stuff out of them. I suppose sauce or something might be good. Or freezing them.

Oh and if you’re looking for some info on tomato varieties, University of Illinois has a good amount of info.

As for the okra, I just hope it doesn’t die right away.

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April 8, 2009 at 10:02 am

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The backyard gardener

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When it comes to plants, I would not call myself a gardener. I’m that person who grows plants from seeds, gets to enjoy their company for a very fleeting moment, and then ends up re-tilling the soil mid-season because all that was once green is now brown. I don’t know why I always think that they die unexpectedly, especially when I don’t water or fertilise them for a few days during the hottest point in the summer.

Last year, I managed to grow a ridiculous amount of basil in the backyard, some of which went into hand-chopped pesto (I sharpened my favourite knife specifically for that task). The rest of it went into assorted sauces, but I failed to harvest a huge amount due to lack of diligence. This year, if I decide to grow basil, I will definitely harvest more of it and freeze it so I can have fresh basil any time during the off-season. Last season, I also managed to grow a lot of lettuce, which turned out to be very bitter because I let it grow much too large; good thing Frank really likes bitter greens, so he’s been absolutely loving it!

This year, I’m growing minty plants (again). Last season I bought some peppermint and spearmint plants and put them in the backyard right in the middle of my wildflower bed. Of course, none of the wildflowers grew, but I did manage to grow a huge amount of dandelions and assorted grass weeds. The best thing is that the minty plants seems to thrive in that part of the garden, and, with regular watering and weeding, are slowly taking over the small plot of dirt. I purposely put them in a small plot so that they couldn’t take over the entire garden.

With this very, very small victory, I have decided to expand my plant repertoire, but I can’t decide what to grow this year. I don’t want to do tomatoes since I think that tomatoes are difficult to grow. Maybe some kale or carrots? Hmm… I need to check out the garden shop to see what they’ve got that won’t die within the first two weeks of coming home with me.

The way I see it, I can keep a plant alive if I’ve managed to keep my cat alive for 5+ years. Then again, she does try to upturn lots of my planties if they are blocking her favourite windowsills…

Note to self: I planted chives in a plastic pot this morning. We’ll see if they grow or not.

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April 7, 2009 at 10:01 am

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On the matter of style.

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I don’t think I’m a very stylish girl. Sure, I read all the fashion magazines that Frank has subscribed to for me thanks to our airline miles. I try to incorporate of-the-moment items into my wardrobe, however unsuccessful my attempts are. Not being much of a consumer or savvy shopper, I usually end up a little behind the fashion curve. Most of the clothes I purchase are rather inexpensive and conservative, usually coming from H&M, Old Navy, or Target. Most times, I feel like I would rather spend my money on camera gear or eating out than on clothing.

Lately, Threadless had a sale. I’ve never bought any Threadless shirts because they were rather expensive ($18) and I simply cannot justify spending $18 on a goddamn t-shirt simply because of the cool graphic design on it. (I already said I was a cheap mofo.) Anyway, this Threadless sale was really good and lots of tees were marked down to $5 each. Of course, most of the good sizes were already gone, but luckily (or not), I am an XL when it comes to American Apparel shirts, and even if they were a bit tight, I could always just use them for running under a long-sleeve anyway. Good deal, right?

So, I go and purchase about… say… six shirts, and now I am feeling pretty pleased with myself, thinking that I’m pretty fashionable right now. Ha. Who knows if it really counts as being fashionable or not, but I honestly just feel cool wearing them!

A hard drive

Oh yeah, and I also ran into the Ferocious Few up in town on Market Street and freakin’ went nutso and dashed across the street to go buy their cd. I love those guys! I have since rediscovered my ghetto blaster  and installed it in my bedroom so that I can listen to the Ferocious Few CD while drifting off to sleep.

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April 3, 2009 at 6:07 pm

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