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Her name is Mixte

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I have been wanting another bike for quite a while. Dennis the Frankenbike is super awesome and I love him to absolute death, but his frame is just a bit too small for me and I really need to get a larger frame that actually fits me before my right knee explodes (yes, I’ve been having knee pain and it’s a bit annoying). I just recently got a new job and have decided that part of my new income will go towards the new bike fund.

The main question was, “What kind of bike do I want to get?”

Of course there are a couple types of bikes that I really love:

Fixies: Yes, I am secretly a wannabe hipster and I love the sleek lines of the fixed gear bikes. What’s even better is that they are ridiculously simple and only have one gear. The ones that I’ve been looking at have flip-flop hubs so I could switch between fixed gear and single speed (same deal but with the ability to coast), depending on how I wanted to ride. To be honest, I would probably never use the bike as a fixed gear and end up using the coaster all the time.

Classic 3-speed lady bikes: The appeal of these is pretty obvious to me. It will give me the bonus of having more than one speed, but still retain the simplicity of not having too many. The nice thing about some of these is that the gearhubs are internal and require little maintenance. Plus, the upright riding position and step-through frames are something that I am definitely interested in, as I prefer to ride tall and straight instead of hunched over the handlebars. I don’t really need to be aerodynamic as much as comfortable.

Road bikes: Oh my are these sleek little monsters. I adore old road bikes like nothing else, and I will always slow down to check them out when I pass them parked on the street. Skinny tires, tight lines, efficiency. Oh and they have gears. Lots and lots of gears. I like the idea of this, but at the same time, I find gears to be horrifying. I have horrible gearaphobia, and I can’t really explain it.

And this brings me to the bikes that I am currently coveting: the mixte. What the hell is a mixte? Well, it’s a bicycle that has a step-through frame that is sort of between the men’s triangle and the women’s low-profile. The main way to tell them apart from non-mixte bikes is to look at the top tube; if there are two skinny tubes instead of one thick one, then you’ve got a mixte on your hands.

My oh my. I love the mixte. I love the look, the upright riding position, the presence of gears (but not too many), and the step-through frame. A lot of mixtes have integrated fenders and look quite fetching with a basket in the front. (Oh love.)

Now I’m just poking around at the new bikes and the used bikes on Craigslist and hoping I can find something I really adore to bring home and spoon with Dennis the Frankenbike.

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November 11, 2009 at 2:39 pm

bikey ladies.

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On the train

So I just realised something: I hid all the photos on my Flickr account and now all the links are broken on my blog. Great. Just great. Goddamn it.

Wait, should I fix that? Hmm… I feel like I should, but I’m not going to, so they’ll just have to be broken. Sorry for anyone reading the older posts. SORRY OKAY??


I got to hang out with some lovely bikey ladies today and it was so fun. Yeah. Fun times on bikes with coffee. We didn’t really ride a whole lot, but it sure was nice sharing the bike lane with a bunch of ladies. I sometimes share the bike lane with ladies on my way home in Beautiful Downtown San Jose, but it’s not like we’re all hanging out or anything; we’re just trying to get home after a long day and people aren’t usually in a mood for chatting at the light.

In other bikey news, I have managed to get my grubbies on a pair of Knog Frogs in electric green and goes-with-everything black. And boy are they bright! When I was look at lights in the store, I typically turn them all on and then find the ones that are the most seizure-inducing; that’s the one I buy. To tell the truth, my electric green knog blinky headlight is so bright and annoying that it actually annoys ME while I’m riding the bike. Of course, I take this as a very good sign since it means that drivers will notice me and my annoying blinky headlight.

Thanks, Knog.

Written by Reese

November 8, 2009 at 8:45 pm