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Separate vacations and bread baking day

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So you may or may not know that Mister is out of town this weekend. The very strange thing is that I told someone this on Friday night and he cocked his head at me and said that it was very weird for that Frank went away without me. Now, this person doesn’t really know me at all (I went to a Strangers Party, which is what I like to call mixers where I don’t know anyone), so I guess it would sound weird to someone I just met if I mentioned that me and the Mister go on separate vacations sometimes.

But hey, why is this strange? It makes a lot of sense to me since Mister and I have different hobbies and we like different things. He needs to take his little hockey trip once a year or so so he can do his manly man things without me. Honestly, as much as I love my Mister, I do not want to stay in a hotel room with his hockey gear (have you EVER been in a room with freshly used hockey gear before??), so it makes sense to me that if he wants to go on a hockey trip somewhere, I will not be going with him.

I guess most couples take vacations together and wouldn’t dream of going somewhere awesome without the other person, but maybe this is just how me and my Mister work. We like to do separate activities (photography, biking, hockey), but we also do our share of things together to make sure we don’t end up acting like roommates. It’s so important to retain your own identity in a realtionship and keep doing what interests you, but also to balance it out and remember to lose yourself with the other person too.

But anyway, what am I doing this weekend while he’s gone? Yesterday I reorganised our entryway with new shoe storage, something that has needed to get done for months. The best thing about Mister being gone is that I get stuff done at home without him. It keeps me busy and happy. When he’s home, we usually end up doing other stuff like going to brunch or sitting on our butts watching films.

I replaced our tall, skinny bookcase-like shoe storage with these two shorter, shallower shelves. We now have more shoe storage than before, and it looks nicer and provides a nice countertop area where we can put keys and mail when we come in. Plus, since the shelves are shallower, I think it feels more open than when we had the very tall bookcase looming at the entryway. I do with the little bench could go up against the wall, but it seems to be just fine sticking out a little in the little corner made by my desk.

As for social engagements, when Mister’s out of town, I usually book myself up and go go go non-stop, but this time I decided to take it easy and spend some quality time by myself (and with Cat). I did go out Friday night with some friends to see another friend’s photo exhibit in downtown and then went to the Strangers Party, where I got to meet a ton of people who were really fun, but also pretty drunk. A guy has resultingly asked me out to dinner, but I’m not sure if it’s a date-date or a friend-date, and I do not know if it’s okay to ask or if I should just ignore it altogether (how do these things work these days anyway?).

Other than the Strangers Party and a photog-party tonight, I spent most of the weekend alone. It has been so nice to just do whatever I want and not make a ton of social engagements, only to start dreading them an hour before they start.

To be sure, I usually have a ton of fun when I’m out with people, but I often dread going out right before I meet them. Yes, I know it doesn’t make much sense, but it’s just a little social anxiety I suppose. As long as I don’t let myself cancel, I will go out and have a super fun time.

This morning I am baking some bread. I bought bread from the store last week, but I was thoroughly unimpressed by it and ended up deciding to bake my own this weekend, and Sunday morning felt like a perfect time to get it done. I’m sure it won’t be as good as bread from the the farmer’s market bread bakers, but I do enjoy the process of making bread and the pride of having made it myself.

Oh sorry, but the bread looks thoroughly unexciting at this moment. This is during the first rise. If you don’t make your own bread, the main steps are:

  • Mixing and kneading the bread together until the surface looks shiny like this
  • Let it rise in a warm place for anywhere from 1-4 hours until the yeast has made the dough puff up
  • Knead the dough back down again to redistribute the ingredients
  • Form the bread into a loaf or into buns, etc and let it rise a second time until puffy
  • Bake
  • Let cool, slice, and eat yummy bread you made all on your own

Right now I am doing the first rise, so this is why the dough looks like Jabba the Hut melted in my mixing bowl. Trust me, it will be tasty later on. Yum!

Mid-baking update: I finished both rises and stuck the loaf into the oven for baking. I can’t wait for it to finish!

Written by Reese

December 6, 2009 at 11:27 am

Posted in eating, just life

3 Responses

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  1. mmmm….bread.

    As for the “date” personally I wouldn’t go. Seems a lot like his expectation is that this would be an actual date

    Jeff D

    December 6, 2009 at 3:58 pm

  2. Yeah the “date” thing is weird and seeming more and more like a date-date and not a friend-date.


    December 6, 2009 at 10:09 pm

  3. I have the precise same anxiousness over social outings; when I was younger I was known as a notorious flake! We just gotta muster it up and GO have the fun we know we will, right. 🙂

    Btw, thank you for the bike adjustment advice. My knees thank you, too!


    December 7, 2009 at 1:27 pm

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