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Kuro goma mochi, a favourite snack

I haven’t posted here lately, but I’ve had plenty of ideas of what to write about. Somehow, I’ve just never gotten the chance to sit down and do anything about them, so here is a quick update on what I’ve been up to lately.


I’ve been knitting like a crazy mofo. The good thing is that it keep my hands busy and I feel very productive. The bad thing is that I like to knit with wool, which is a fiber that I am sensitive to and cannot wear, so I am planning to give these away to people as gifts sometime in the future, including this nice green hat.

Green hat


I haven’t been doing much photography at all, but I did finally scan in the slide film that Jan sent me from Germany and I finally realise that slide film is pretty freakin’ awesome.

Also, I’ve thought about going back to just doing simple photos of food and stuff again because that simple stuff just makes me happy and I was starting to pressure myself too much to make “good” photos and not just upload all the crap that I shoot all the time. Oh, and I’ve realised that I shoot a whole lot of crap most of the time. Wow. I think my photos need a little bit less editing, and lot more FUN.

Bikey things.

I got a new bike and I haven’t ridden poor Dennis ever since. I am a huge fan of gears, now that I finally have them! Love… I continue to ride my bike every day and completely adore it. Riding my bike makes me happy.

Also, I made it to one of the SJ Fixed sprints and it was super fun meeting other bike people and watching the boys race. Boys on bikes make me so happy.

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December 1, 2009 at 10:35 pm

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