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Bikey lunch dates

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I wasn’t born to organise events, but lately I find myself taking charge, suggesting, and organising group outings. It started with my photography group (which I sadly do not organise much anymore since I haven’t been as interested in photography anymore), and now I am moving on to my cycling club at work.

My what? Yeah you heard me, my cycling club.

Now, I am not a spandex person by a long shot, so why the heck did I join a cycling club that is full of people who do ridiculous rides on the weekends and enter races and wear lots of and lots of technical gear? I mostly joined because I knew that they would help to organise a Bike to Work Day Energizer Station in May, so I wanted in on that (I love handing out free stuff to people with a smile).

Now that I’ve gone to a couple very useful group meetings with topics like assembling a travel bicycle and easy DIY maintenance, I find myself wanting to help out more with the group. I haven’t been on any of the long rides and felt like we were lacking in the more social type of outings. And of course, when I want something out of a group that is not being provided, I like to step up and try to fill it!

But but but… I am not a scuba steve. I don’t know how to relate to people who go for 60 mile uphill rides for kicks. I’ve never signed up for a race or even gone faster than 15 mph on my bike. Heck, I’m not even sure I have a desire to go faster than 15mph! I don’t even know much about bikes in general other than, "Oooh that’s pretty!!" and how to install a basket. I’m just a lowly girl who rides her bike to work in, god forbid, street clothes.

Well, of course I didn’t let any of that stop me. (If you know me, then you would wonder why the thoughts even crossed my mind in the first place.) I have gone ahead and notified the cycling club that I will be organising bikey lunchtime rides for anyone interested. The idea is that we will choose a place that is less than 4 miles away, ride together, eat lunch, and then ride back to work together.

So far, one person is interested. Yay.

I think this is going to need to gain some momentum, so I am willing to start planning the lunch trips and see what happens. If people come, then yay, but if not, then hopefully I will meet at least one or two other people who wouldn’t mind going to lunch once in a while with me.

My secret hope is that other people will see us congregating outside the main building at lunchtime and ask where we’re going. Heck, maybe they will bring their bikes for the next outing and join us! And yes, of course this requires people to either bring their bikes to work or to commute with them, so hopefully it will encourage people to do the latter!

Yay, more bike commuters.

Just don’t be taking up too many of the racks on the Caltrain. Thanks.

As an aside… Sir Francis said that he’s noticed that I never used to organise stuff like this and suddenly here I am, the grand organiser for pretty much any group of people who will have me! Seriously, I like doing it so much, maybe because I’m slightly bossy and I like making plans and getting people excited to come. Yeah. I just can’t help it!

Written by Reese

January 26, 2010 at 6:01 pm

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