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rain, boys, and sewing machines

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You know what made me particularly happy today? Well three things in specifically, starting with the rain, or lack thereof. I got drizzled on this morning on the way to work, but this evening looked so clear that I even chanced it and didn’t put the little rain cover I made for my basket on, and somehow I didn’t get even a single drop on me. Good times.

On my rain-free way home, I stopped on campus to say hello to the fixie boys and my oh my are they adorable and nice! I asked where they were going tonight and Thursday for the rides and decided to roll out with them on Thursday for the social ride. Boys on bikes are nice. SO NICE.

The last thing is that I finally got my sewing machine unpacked and set up and even made myself something too! Ha. Frank had gotten me a sewing machine and it had sat in the living room fresh in the box for a while before I got around to opening it tonight and setting it up. Within 20 minutes, I’d already wound the bobbin and threaded the thing and was ready to sew! Awesome… I’d been meaning to make something out of this ridiculous free XXL hockey shirt Frank had brought home and I finally got to make myself a little skirt out of it. Of course, it is a bit too short to wear outside, but maybe I’ll do it with leggings one day. Otherwise, it’ll be a nice house skirt for the time being.

Written by Reese

January 26, 2010 at 11:12 pm

Posted in just life, making

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