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Sometimes I put together small poems in my head when I ride my bike. See, the nice thing about bike commuting is that I am pretty much on automatic as far as where I turn (I know the area really well at this point and can easily take multiple paths to get where I need to go). Of course, my poems pretty much suck since I am not a poem-writing type of girl, and I tend to forget them a few minutes later anyway.

So, instead of my sharing my half-formed (deformed) poems, I’ll just share some bits of what my commute is like. I am almost positive I wouldn’t have such an appreciation of these things if I was driving to work everyday.

On rainy mornings, as I ride past certain street corners, I smell this wonderful damp earthy smell, sort of like how a forest smells after it rains. It’s usually just a whiff, but it reminds me of the earthy scent of mushrooms and wet trees.

In the afternoons, the sky turns a radiant mix of pinks and purples. It always makes me wish I had a camera with me, but secretly I know that it’s better that I don’t since I could never capture the true beauty.

Depending on the day’s route, I sometimes pass coffee houses that always smells so richly of coffee and baked goods that I wish I can make a pit stop to pick something up. It’s pretty amazing how distinctive the smell of coffee is and how the aroma of fresh baked goods always feels so welcoming.

As a dog lover, I can’t help but notice all the dogs and their people walking around. I have a penchant for short dogs like Corgis so whenever I see one, I always feel like it’s a good sign for the day. I will smile at just about any dog I see though. There is something about seeing dogs trotting along, sometimes with their tails pointing straight up in the air, that always makes me smile.

Everyday, I also pass across a couple very small water canals. They are usually bone dry in the summertime, but the winter rains have filled them recently. I always turn my head to look at the long, narrow stripes of water as I cross the small bridges.

Of course there is always the wind. Riding on my bike, I always make my own wind, even on the most still days. There is really something wonderfully invigorating about this that I just cannot simulate at a gym on a stationary bicycle or on a trainer in a living room. That wind that you make when you move, either by bike, through motor power, or on foot, is just a generally nice feeling.

I’ve heard the saying that the world looks better from the seat of a bicycle, and I find it hard to disagree. I get my heart and blood pumping, see the world at my own pace, and generally experience the outside. Life is just a bit slower and it makes me appreciate it all just a bit more than I used to.


Written by Reese

March 3, 2010 at 2:30 pm

Posted in just life

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