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9: Five on Friday, Optimistic Edition

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I had an awesome week (really, what else is new!), so without further ado here are my five:

1. Catching up with friends
I got to see a good friend that I have not seen for months. We met and went to Bar Tartine, where we ate a most delicious meal. I had a pressed sandwich with shoestring potatoes. It was pretty damned amazing. After eating, we wandered around up and down a graffiti alley, got exotic ice cream at Bombay Ice Creamery, experienced a power outage, and ended up walking around the park and talking about dogs, houses, kids, and life.

I’m almost amazed at how nice it is to meet a friend I haven’t seen in so long, but feel able to pick up right where we left off.

2. Eating well
I headed up to a huge farmers market on Sunday that I had been looking forward to all week and also got to meet up with two friends to help me navigate the market; it is very overwhelming and I never know quite where to go. We are trying to use up all of our food and only buy as much as we need for the week, so I couldn’t go crazy, but I did get a few bunches of healthy greens, some fruit, and half a dozen pastured eggs. I would call it a good haul, for sure.

3. Steel frame bike gang
Since I love cramming my weekends full of friends, I managed to meet up with my steel frame bike gang by back-tracking the route of a group ride and eventually finding them along the way (thank god for mobiles!). I couldn’t get a really long ride in, but it was sure nice to see everyone and chat along the way back home.

4. Heck yeah, the game rocked!
So this whole Olympics thing somehow managed to pass me by almost completely. The only events I watched were the hockey games since Mister has serious hockey love and can’t stop watching a game if it’s on. After the bike ride on Sunday, we hit up our local downtown bar and caught the end of the US-Canada hockey game, which was really exciting! I am actually really glad that Canada won, and so happy that they are now the second host country to win an Olympic hockey gold medal (US is the other). Yay! Good times, and awesome game, guys. I don’t even really mind that the US lost, because we still got a goddamn silver medal!!

5. O Mister, my Mister
Sometimes I forget to be grateful for him because he’s just always around, but I decided I should dedicate at least one of these Friday Five items to him so I can note all the special things he does every week.

He took care of a rather painful plumbing issue this weekend for us. He rang me at work and made me smile in the middle of the day for no reason at all. He also agreed to go to an alumni social with me, where we had an okay time, but agreed that we probably wouldn’t go to future events. He is willing to play the ‘string-toy’ game with Cat until she is lying cross-eyed and breathless on the floor. And finally, he knows just when to hug me when I am in a bad mood over something.


Written by Reese

March 5, 2010 at 12:02 pm

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