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An open weekend

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This weekend, The Mister is headed out of town to 4-day hockey tournament. He went back and forth on whether or not he was going to go, but he finally decided to go and I’m glad for it. Well, I’m not glad he’s going to be gone, but I am glad that he is going to have an awesome time with his hockey buddies. Let’s face it, he loves hockey and he loves Vegas, so how can he possibly go wrong?

As for me, I’m feeling a bit on the lonely side, so I decided to book up my weekend seeing friends. The last time the Mister was out of town, I decided to hole up and do a lot of house activities like cooking, and cleaning, but this time, I decided that I’m going to take this chance to get out and see my friends as much as I can this weekend.

It’s been a little difficult to schedule time with friends since I’ve built up a variety of them and I don’t always want to see them at the same time (add to that the fact that not all my friends play well together). I’ve always felt that it’s more intimate to meet with friends one-on-one if I can, but that grouping friends according to common activities can really be a time-saver even if there is much less intimacy.

I love group activities with lots of friends, but I have some friends that I only see in larger groups and I must say that I do not tend to feel very close with them. Why individual meets with friends may not guarantee a close friendship, I can definitely say that group meets do not encourage close friends (for me anyway). I’m sure there are plenty of friend groups out there who are able to maintain close friendships solely through group activities, but I’ve personally found that when I like someone as a friend, I will make an effort to see him/her on an individual basis to cultivate the friendship. I suppose it’s almost a test of the friendship to see if we can manage to entertain ourselves without others around.

So yes, this weekend is yet another weekend of trying to make an effort to see friends individually. It’s very time-consuming to see people this way, but I find it very well worth the time. This weekend I will get to:

  • Eat good food
  • See lovely family
  • Ride bikes in SF with a friend I haven’t seen in a few months
  • Ride more with newly found local bikey friends
  • Oh and have I mentioned I will get to ride my bike?
  • See the doctor and get a full blood panel and physical exam (yes, this is actually exciting to me) — wait, this isn’t actually happening this weekend, but I’m going to include it anyway because I can

Yeah.. so that is what is up. I’m excited. Yes, I am. I think both the Mister and me will have an awesome weekend apart, and I love that we can enjoy our lives apart as much as enjoy them together. Hello, Venn Diagram. We’re individuals who have our own interests, but also somehow work well together. If we were horribly dependent on each other and didn’t know how to have a separate life from each other, I think this would be a failed relationship. Ha. Down with co-dependent partners!!

Note 1: It’s funny, but the people I am most interested in these days are usually 1) bikey, or 2) photography-oriented. Well, the photography thing is less interesting to me lately, but it’s still there for sure.

Note 2: In case anyone cares about that whole physical exam thing, I will probably write another entry about it in the near future. Seriously. I like going to the doctor that much. Call me a data-fiend, but I just love getting my stats.


Written by Reese

March 9, 2010 at 4:11 pm

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