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5-on-Friday: Week 11

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I know my last 5-on-Friday was pretty depressing, but as the week’s gone on, things have gotten much better and I’m almost back to my normal, happy self again.

1. Everyone, be calm
I heard from a bikey acquaintance that, while she was cycling around in Palo Alto, a bus actually took time to pull over on a busy road and yell at her for being on the road. The road narrows for about 15m, and she just had to be in the lane for that length and then she went back to the shoulder. As far as I know, the law says that bikes are allowed to be in the lane, because they are considered vehicular traffic, just like everyone else. That bus driver was way out of line and just needed to have a little patience and take a deep breath.

So please, if you drive your car near cyclists, please do be cautious and patient with us. I know we are usually slower than a car and sometimes you have to slow down, but it’s minimal when you think about it. Everyone (drivers and cyclists), please be calm and safe.

2. Stress-relief
This weekend was massively stressful, so I have spent most of this week concentrating on relieving the stress through physical activity and mental relaxation. I rode all the way home this week, made good time, and managed to have a ride completely free of angry cars. Yay!!

3. Return of the BFF
Ah, my babe is back from his 3 week business trip across the world. I’ve so missed hanging out with him and it’s really good to have him back in SF. It’s comforting to have a good friend I can confide in. I know I cycle through friends rather quickly, so it’s not often that I let myself develop a deep friendship connection with someone. I could probably whip out the psycho-babble and talk about my trust issues and all, but whatever. Bottom line: I missed my friend and I appreciate everything that he is. Sorry it’s sappy, but I can’t help it.

4. Coping skills
After the drama of the past weekend, I am also very grateful for good coping and communication skills. My head was clouded with anger and confusion all weekend, but it’s lifted thanks to some good talks and reassurance along with explanations. The whole issue could have been completely prevented, but it happened, and what we do in the aftermath is what matters most right now, right? I think we’re handling this the best we possibly can and everything is going to be just fine in the end.

5. Bike2Lunch
I organised a Bike2Lunch for my cycling club at work and invited a bunch of other bikey folks I work with. I’m pretty excited to see the turnout and hope everyone gets along and enjoys it. Our first outing will only be a couple miles away, but I’m hoping that we will arrive there and people will think, "Wow, that was really close! We could have kept going somewhere further!"

Haha, and of course I am hoping that it will get more people biking to work, since they’ll have to bring their bikes in order to bike to lunch! The weather is so perfect lately that I’m hoping a little encouragement will get people riding.

And with that, I take my leave of you lovely folks. It’s going to be wonderful here in California, so I’ve scheduled a long ride on Sunday and will be meeting friends up in SF on Saturday. I’m trying to split my weekend doing photography and biking, just because I’ve been doing more biking than photography and I’d like to balance things out.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Written by Reese

March 19, 2010 at 9:05 am

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