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Film and the doctor

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You know that feeling when you just want something new? Well, I’ve got that right now for a new camera. What I really want is a no-frills compact camera that can make good exposures in different light conditions. My Nikon FM2n does a good job of this, but it’s not very compact and light. I’ve tried to do the compact digital camera route, but I’ve felt the insane need for film lately.

Of course, this would all be useless if I ended up buying a new camera and not using it, so I’m going through a test phase where I try to get back in the habit of using 35mm film again. I ordered a bunch of Legacy Pro 400 from Freestyle and have already shot through half a roll on Sunday during an impromptu road trip. I’m really glad I got it since it’s been a while since I’ve shot 35mm and it’s starting to become fun again!

What I’m really hoping will happen is that I’ll fall in love with my gorgeous FM2n again and not have to buy myself a completely new camera. Maybe I can just focus on getting myself a new lens instead.

Hospital visit
I visited the doctor and was declared very healthy! Actually, it will take a few days before my blood test results are available, but everything else looked great. The nurse that took my blood pressure said it was "really, really good" (117/65), and I was glad my heart rate is still quite low (52bpm, thanks exercise!). Thanks to the awesome online website my healthcare provider has, I even checked on my stats from the last time I visited the doctor (um, 3 years ago, oops) and found that I am now 35 pounds lighter with approximately the same blood pressure and heart rate. Awesome. I love data!

While I was there, the doc also ordered a full blood panel for me and had the nurse give me a booster shot called Tdap (tetanus, diptheria, and pertussis), so now I can go play climbing around abandoned buildings rife with rusty metal and hang out with coughing folk. This sounds like a great future weekend activity.

I am so excited to see how my blood test comes out. I have been training for it all last week by taking multi-vitamins and making sure to eat enough iron-rich foods. I even ate chicken livers the day before to up my iron, so I hope all my stats are in the green. I typically have problems with low iron and get rejected by the blood bank regularly. Strangely, they always encourage me to try again next time. Maybe I should just give up at some point, but whenever the notice comes around that they’ll be at work, I always sign up. My mom always said I was hard-headed!!


Written by Reese

March 22, 2010 at 12:37 pm

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  1. I have a bagful of film I need to burn through. I should get on that.

    Jeff D

    March 22, 2010 at 10:59 pm

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