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Five on Friday: Week 12

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A lot has happened since last Friday, so I’ll get straight into it.

1. Spur of the moment road trip
The Mister and I decided to drive out to Sacramento to visit one of his high school buddies and generally wander around the area. It was pretty fun and we got to eat at the Sudwerks Brewery. They have pretty good food and beers.

2. Hello, Doctor!
I visited the doctor’s for an annual checkup (um, quasi-annual actually because the last time I was there was three years ago). He checked me out, asked a bunch of questions, and ordered a slew of blood tests for me. I asked for EVERY test that was relevant and free to go with my ridiculous copay. Might as well get whatever I can out of it, right?

The nice thing about my hospital is that it’s pretty efficient and my test results are posted online so I can go view them and compare past results any time I want. For anyone who cares, my blood pressure is totally normal at 117/65, heart rate measured at about 52bpm, and all the stats from my blood workup were within the normal range, except for red blood cell count, which was a bit on the low side.

Oh, and I also got a Tdap vaccine shot, which continues to make my arm pretty damned sore, but it’s almost gone. Bring on the rusty metal!!

3. The long way home
Last week, I decided that I would increase the number of times I ride home to twice a week. So far, so good. I’ve been taking either Central Expy or Evelyn/Monroe, but this week I plotted out a new route taking Foothill Expy to Homestead.

This route tacks on about 2-3 miles to my regular distance, but it sure is a nice ride that I’m sure I will try again next week. I rode it Tuesday after work and found that the nice thing about this route is that it is chock-full o’ cyclists, mostly of the scuba variety. A lot of them were really friendly, saying "hello" as they flew past me.

I rode home again on Thursday, but stopped in Sunnyvale to attend a Sports Basement party that one of the SJF guys won (more on that later), so I rode about 10 miles, stopped, and then rode the other 8 miles after snacks. Definitely not the same as riding the whole distance at once, but it was a nice ride nonetheless.

4. A slippery slope
Hey guess what. It finally happened. I’ve managed to buy my very first pair of spandex bike shorts! I don’t know if I should congratulate myself or be very, very afraid of myself.

I couldn’t help it! I attended a Sports Basement party that I mentioned above and it means that they give you snacks and beer for free and you get a 20% discount on anything in the store. Sounds like a good deal right? Of course, I planned exactly what I was going to get before the party happened, and I went straight for the bike gloves, portable pumps, and shorts.

As soon as I got home, I showed them to the Mister and tried them on for him. We both agree that I look hot in them. And now I can plan a 20+ mile ride and be comfortable. Done and done.

5. A wonderful sunshiny outlook on life
Finally, I must say that I am very appreciative this past week for everyone and everything in my life that has helped with my incessantly positive outlook on life. I tend to be a naturally optimistic person, but it sure helps to have good friends like J & J & N & A who let me bounce random photo/bikey/life questions off them and who allow me a quiet view inside their lives as well. I feel appreciative for people who not only listen to me wax on about my life, but also let me peek into theirs as well. It’s a give and take system.

And of course thanks, Mister, for cheering me up when I’m down, distracting the cat from attacking me by offering himself as a decoy, rubbing my back and shoulders when I ride too far and am stiff from my death-grip on the handlebars, and just generally being his goal-oriented self. It sure helps us get stuff done. Yay teamwork!


Written by Reese

March 26, 2010 at 9:30 am

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  1. love this post, reese! it made me smile and the optimism you ended with is infectious.


    March 26, 2010 at 10:53 am

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