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Bridge and Tunnel

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Blue rides the train

I take the commuter train just about every day to get to work. It’s part of the routine. I have my regular bike car people who take the train with me everyday, and it’s nice getting to know the same people. It’s even simpler for me since I ride in the bike car (one of only two on the train), so I tend to see the same people everyday.

My parents were bridge-and-tunnel folks since they both worked in NYC and we lived in New Jersey. They always talked about people they met on the train or bus or ferry. In fact, one of our oldest family friends is someone that my dad met on the bus. Funny how stuff like that happens.

One morning, a man walked hesitantly into the bike car, spotted me and another commuter sitting in the back, approached us cautiously, and asked us what the procedure is for bringing his bike on the train. We told him it’s all pretty simple. You bring your bike on, make sure you have a destination tag saying where you’re getting off, stack your bike on top of another bike that is going to your destination or further, and use the bungee to secure it so it doesn’t bounce around too much.

Easy, like the pie.

He said he was going to bring his bike on the train the next day. This is really encouraging, because I love hearing about people who want to try taking their bikes on the train to get to work since it can simplify commutes a great deal. I love just sitting on the train and reading, listening to music, or chatting with other commuters.


Written by Reese

March 31, 2010 at 9:48 am

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