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Five on Friday: Week 14

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Lately, my life has been a mixture of exciting anticipation and sentimental sappy moments. Part of me is really sad to be leaving a familiar city, since I know all the roads pretty well and I have my biking routes fairly well-settled. I’ve also made a lot of friends down in SJ and we have our regular haunts that we love. But wait… how exciting is it to move up to SF? I’ve always wanted to live in a big city and finally we can! There are some drawbacks, but there are lots of new exciting experiences to balance everything. Right, so let’s get to that list!

1. The best way to de-stress
Hey guess what, it’s biking!! I have been commuting less by bike this week because we’ve been doing post-work car trips up to the new place and Frannie comes to pick me up at work on his way up. As a result, I’ve been quite cranky, so Frannie told me to ride to work so that I could de-stress a little, and goddamn that was a good idea. Two speedy rides home and I am once again a happy camper! Bikey life to the rescue.

2. Poor meow-meow
I feel really sorry for Cat. We’ve been removing things to the new flat and she is not liking it one bit. Lately she is extra needy and wanting to cuddle up in my lap (and then hunt me as I walk back and forth across the living room). I think she’ll like the new place though, once she gets up there, and plus, she can do the running-in-place cartoon-like thing since it has hardwood floors throughout.

3. Planning and shopping
Since we’ve decided to finally ditch all our lame grad school furniture for real adult furniture, we’ve been doing a lot of window shopping to figure out what our styles are. The nice thing is that we tend to like the same style of furniture, which greatly simplifies shopping. The bad thing is that we’re still trying to figure out how to mix and match different brands and styles so that we can have a coherent design that’s all our own and not all-Ikea or all-one-brand. I don’t mind doing the showroom kinda look, but I really like the idea of mixing and matching design elements from different styles to switch things up.

4. Logging the extra miles
Since I’ve made it a goal to ride at least 18 miles twice a week after work this summer, this impending move has me thinking of alternatives to the current work to San Jose ride that I do. The ride to San Jose ranges between 18-22 miles, depending on the route I take. The plan right now is to either train up to SF and then butterlap it around the perimeter, or ride up to somewhere up the peninsula (maybe San Mateo) and hop on the train from there. I guess I could always keep doing the ride down to San Jose once we get a car-mount bike rack. I can just meet Frannie at his workplace and then we can drive up to San Francisco together.

5. Movin’ on up
So this is it, kids. Tomorrow we get a big truck and move all of our crap to the new flat. This morning was the last time I would be on the morning commute train going northbound, so I brought a dozen donuts and handed them out to people in the bike car. I’m sure I’ll make new bikecar friends on my new train, but it might take a while. I’ll definitely miss my bikecar folk and our little morning conversations.

Next time I update we’ll be officially moved in and working on all the sordid details of getting internet at the new place, unpacking, and figuring out where the hell we put that one thing that we really, really need right now.


Written by Reese

April 9, 2010 at 11:33 am

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