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Projects for the new place

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This weekend, we moved the cat up to the new place, so that means we are officially living there. She meowed pathetically (and maniacally) for the entire drive up there, and I worried she was going to start throwing up all over herself, but she kept her food down and made it cleanly to the new flat.

So now that we’re here, I’ve been thinking about some small projects to help organise everything. The first thing to do will be change the locks on the front door (who knows how many keys are floating around at this point), so we bought a combo doorknob/deadbolt and I’ll get to installing it as soon as I can. I feel really lucky to have at least a modicum of practical knowledge and can do a lot of small handy-man jobs, e.g., installing new locks, mounting shelves, building Ikea furniture, and changing shower heads. I can’t do much heavy electrical wiring or plumbing, but it makes me feel capable to do a lot of the small jobs myself so I don’t have to worry about asking Frannie or ringing a repairman every time I want something done.

After the locks, the next thing would be to figure out how to set up the washing machine. The previous tenant left their washing machine behind, but the poor thing is hooked into the hot water, so it only does hot water washes. I think we can easily figure out how to make this work right, but it’s going to take a little detective work and a trip to the hardware store. We’re talking about hooking the inlet to the kitchen faucet, but we’d have to cobble together some tubing because it’s farther than the typical 4 or 6 feet that washing machine tubing comes in. A little more research and I think we’ll have it figured out.


Written by Reese

April 12, 2010 at 12:55 pm

Posted in just life

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  1. where did this Frannie thing come from? 🙂

    Jeff D

    April 12, 2010 at 1:33 pm

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