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The previous tenant left their washing machine at our new flat. It’s not a super nice washer, but it gets the job done and cleans clothes as needed. The only problem is that when we did our very first wash, we discovered that it was hooked up to the hot water faucet only, which was a bit odd. If you don’t know much about washing machine hookups, there is typically a cold water faucet (and sometimes a hot water faucet) that is connected via hose to the back of the washer. You hook up the cold water to the cold inlet and the hot water to the hot inlet. No brainer, right?

Well let me now tell how perplexed we were upon discovering that our washer had the hot water faucet hooked up to the cold inlet. Now, I’m not sure why the previous tenant would leave it like this, since this means you are doing a piping hot wash and rinse cycle, which isn’t very energy-efficient or good for your clothes. We immediately decided that we HAD to find a cold water source for the washer since we typically wash everything in cold water, but for some reason, we could not figure out where the cold water faucet was. We started thinking of all kinds of fancy alternatives, including hiring a plumber to tee-off the water heater’s cold inlet pipe, or figuring out how to cobble together a long 10 foot hose and connecting the washer to the kitchen sink.

Frannie had checked the entire area for a second faucet, but he hadn’t found one. But then, we were standing in front of the washer and thinking of new ideas on hooking it up when I noticed that there was a mop head hanging on the wall, so I thought to myself, "Hmm… what is that hanging on?" I lifted up the mop head and lo and behold, the cold water faucet was underneath.

Once I hooked up the hose, I found it to be very leaky, so maybe that’s why the previous tenant had hooked up the hot water instead because they couldn’t figure out how to seal up the cold water faucet. Luckily, I’ve got magical handyman skills.

Et voilà, I teflon taped the hell out of the male threads, lightly tightened the bolt around the leaky faucet knob and now we have a working cold water washer.

Oh, and I should mention that we don’t have a dryer paired with the washer, so we’ll just air dry instead. We’ve got the whole setup for it, so I think it’ll all be okay. As my American friend said when he first moved to dryer-free Germany, "The towels are just a little crunchy."

Just a little crunchy, indeed.


Written by Reese

April 13, 2010 at 11:50 am

Posted in just life

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  1. Oh, what’s this cold water faucet here? I’ll just hang the mop on it.


    April 13, 2010 at 1:11 pm

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