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Five on Friday: New SF resident edition

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Yes, a completely gratuitous photo of me.

So we’ve done it. We’re all moved into the new place and just about everything is set up and functional now. Almost. It’s exciting. So far I’ve gotten to hang out with one friend that I never ever see unless our schedules magically happen to coincide or we do major planning to meet. I’m also planning to see another SF friend next week that I rarely see. Now that I live up in SF, it’s a lot easier to meet with folks who live up in SF that I so rarely meet.

1. It’s not so bad

We’ve discovered that our new commutes down the peninsula are not all that terrible. Frannie can make it to work in less than an hour, and I love my new bike car. I get up about a half hour earlier than down in SJ, but it’s not so terrible and I usually get to the station with plenty of time to spare. I haven’t been able to ride regularly to work yet since my train pass is still zoned for the San Jose -> work commute and I have to purchase an additional upgrade every time I want to take the train. As a result, I’ve been riding with Frannie instead and he drops me off on his way down to work. Just two more weeks and then I can have my train pass again and start riding regularly.

2. Cooking calms the soul

Within a few days of moving our stuff, we managed to get the kitchen up and running and have been cooking dinner for ourselves again. We ate out for almost a week straight while we were moving, so it feels really good to go back to eating our own home-cooked food.

3. Check it out!

Since the kitchen is already functional, we decided to have a very small get together to show our new place to some close friends. Of course, I want to plan to make a lot of food, but it’s really going to be just a few folks, so I fear we will have too much and I will have put too much effort into the whole thing. But… we’ll make what we can and shortcut the rest. I’m excited to have people over, even if we’re not completely unpacked yet. That second bedroom is still Box Central.

4. I hear white walls make you crazy

I like plain white walls with nothing on them. I just do. However, I know that white walls look so bare and uninviting, so I am making an effort to decorate a little throughout the flat to stop this. I have a lot of photos, but I don’t tend to put them up on the wall. I guess I could start… maybe. I don’t have a single wall decorating bone in my body, so I am usually the worst at planning where to put things and end up putting random stuff everywhere, which doesn’t look very good and results in me taking everything down again and sticking with the white walls.

5. Weighty issues

Through almost no effort of my own, I’ve managed to shed a few pounds these last couple weeks. I think it has more to do with strength training (packing, lifting boxes, unpacking) and not eating very much (getting up too early in the morning to eat anything, and eating too sporadically and getting too full too quickly when I do eat). The major down side of this is that I’m letting my blood sugar drop and I get massively cranky until I can eat something. Not very healthy of me at all. I figure I’ll go back to my usual eating/exercise habits after we get settled (and I can once again buy a new monthly train pass for the correct zones), so I’m not too worried about it at all.

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April 16, 2010 at 9:46 am

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