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It’s almost time to say goodbye

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We’ve still got the old flat until the end of the month, so even though we’ve moved the majority of our stuff up to the new place, there are still a few odds and ends left at the old spot. They are mostly documents and some sentimental things that we don’t immediately need, but somehow cannot throw away. I throw more and more of our old stuff away with each move, but somehow we always have a couple boxes of sentimental crap that we just can’t rid ourselves of.

Speaking of the recent move, it is just so interesting to see how many belongings we have. Back when I used to share my flats with roommates, I only had as much stuff as would fit into a single room (usually a small at that) and I didn’t have much furniture at all. For a while, the only furniture I owned was an old sofa that was given to me by my roommate’s old roommate, a table and chair, and a bookcase. I slept on the sofa because I couldn’t afford to buy a bed; besides, I didn’t have a car to transport it either. It wasn’t much, but it was home to me and I was moderately comfortable.

During this last move, I noticed that we still have a lot of stuff. If you compare us to other people around our age, I might even say that we are below average or average in the amount of stuff we have, and I suppose that for two people, we aren’t so bad, but I always have this feeling that I never want to get tied down with a lot of furniture. I don’t really like the idea of buying furniture, using it, and then selling it when we move again. It’s easier to streamline our furniture and keep the number of belongings to a minimum. Do we really need another table? Probably not, but we sure could use a few more small stools for when we have folks over.

I suppose what’s really important is that everything we own can be moved by the two of us. Having nice furniture is definitely a nice thing, but it’s also a bit overrated to me. At some point, we’ll have to settle down, but who knows when. The way we’re going right now, it seems like that could take a while. There are so many more areas that we want to try in this world, even just in this country. I used to keep a list of future places to live, but lately I’ve just been going from job to job and we move as necessary.

Oh, and one last thing…

I love the new flat. Love it. Our old flat was rather crowded and never got good light, but the new place is wonderfully bright and lovely. I never wanted to have people over to the old place because I felt it was cramped and disorganised, but now I want to have people over all the time! It’s such a great feeling.

My friend and I were talking about having people over to our respective places, and he mentioned that he hated having people over because he isn’t much of a host. I never really thought I was much of a host either, but I find myself wanting to organise parties and gatherings at our new flat. I’ve always been quite a little busy organiser, and now I have my own private venue too. If anything, I just like to invite people to come over so I can feed them and chit chat.

Written by Reese

April 20, 2010 at 1:28 pm

Posted in just life

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  1. I’ve moved so many times in the past few years and always just end up getting rid of more and more stuff, the lack of clutter each move is nice but keep that sentimental stuff you REALLY want to keep. And the new flat sounds great! Enjoy the rest of your move and come out and ride!!!


    April 20, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    • Oh man dude… I miss you guys already!! Since we live up in SF now, I don’t know the next time I’ll have a chance to do a social ride with you kids! Ah…… I don’t know if I’ll find as nice and goofy a group as you guys up here!


      April 22, 2010 at 8:20 pm

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