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I have been on a baguette quest at the stores near me and finally heard from a friend that Whole Foods has good baguettes by Semifreddis and Acme. Now, I don’t go to Whole Foods often. I usually find them so overwhelming and huge with a giant selection that I try to avoid going there. Sure, it’s nice to have so many things to choose from, but I also find it mildly stressful to have so many things to choose from.

But anyway, I headed to the Whole Foods and soon found myself standing in front of the ridiculous baguette selection. There were 4 or 5 different brands and each brand had at least 2 types: sourdough and french (which I am assuming is regular white flour?). A couple brands had seeded and multi-grain types too.


Honestly, it was a lot and I thought it was a little crazy. It reminded me of going to CVS after returning from a two-week Europe trip and being completely overwhelmed by just the shampoo/conditioner aisle. In Europe, there is much less selection and the stores themselves tend to be smaller than here. I find these much easier to handle and not so overwhelming, even if I am limited as far as my choices.

Back at the Whole Foods, I just wanted a regular old baguette and here I was picking my way between so many different types at once. I ended up doing the touch test and picked the crispiest french-style baguette (why can’t these just be called baguettes).


The cashier offered me a bag (it COMES in a bag, hello), but I turned it down, shoved the baguette under my arm and walked out of the store. I immediately tore the end off and ate it, walking the rest of the way home.

Oh, and I found this car on my way home. Pretty!

Got my baguette fix

Written by Reese

April 29, 2010 at 9:12 am

Posted in just life

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