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Five on Friday: Thankful and a little bit sappy

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Yesterday was Bike to Work Day, and I thoroughly managed to enjoy myself by visiting a couple energizer stations and managing to meet up with a few friends along the way too. The train was extra crowded yesterday, so it’s a welcome respite to find an almost empty bike car this morning. Yay. I like giving Blue some space.

That being said, I’ve not had the best week lately, having a lot to do with a bit of bad news and some on-going physical difficulties. Regardless, probably as a result of my naturally sunny disposition (how annoying, right??), I’ve been trying to really focus on the good parts and see that lovely silver lining on even the darkest, most menacing storm cloud. I rely so heavily on my own resilience and that of the people around me, and it really helps so much when having a difficult week.

And with that, I’ll get straight to my list.

1. Push push

For the most part, my friends are a stimulating bunch. We talk about interesting topics, learn new skills together, and share our lives with each other. I’m so thankful to these friends of mine.

2. Working on the kindness

I try to be a kind person, but I sometimes fail. The problem is that I sometimes associate over-the-top kindness with being a doormat, and I am completely unwilling to be anyone’s doormat (well, unless I completely adore them). I know it’s possible to be kind without being a doormat, but I’m just not sure if I know how to find that balance quite yet. I’m still working on it.

I’m not perfect, but lately I’ve practised being a kinder person. This means trying to hold my tongue when I’m about to snap at someone and also generally trying to be more considerate of others. I’m still not the kindest person in the world, but I sure don’t aspire to that. I just want to increase my current level of kindness. It’s slow going, but being with people who are kind remind me that it’s worth the trouble.

3. Sadness

I’ve been feeling a little frustrated and sad lately. I don’t really want to get into exactly why, but just want to mention it. It will be a fleeting period in my life, but I have been really feeling it lately, so I hope it means that things can get better from here.

4. Laughter

Thank you, friends, who laugh with me (and at me) and help me learn to laugh with you. It has meant a lot, especially in the past week, and I very much appreciate it.

5. Sentimental bastard

Yes, I can most certainly be a sentimental bastard at times. I suppose that when I am feeling down and out, that’s what it comes out most strongly. I try to look at these times as a reminder of how good the good times are. A little contrast never hurt anyone.

My most recent sentimental daydream was triggered by seeing some people I haven’t seen in a long time. It makes me wonder what might have happened in my life if things had been different. Sure, you can’t change the past; you can only learn from it. The way things happened is the way life has to be, so no use fighting what’s already been done. Digest and try to understand and make the best out of it all. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

Written by Reese

May 14, 2010 at 12:11 pm

Posted in just life

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