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Five on Friday: Back on Track Edition

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Things have gotten a bit derailed lately, but I am somehow back on an even keel and back on track for more than a few things in my life.

1. Up and down

I weigh myself everyday and I record my consumption. That might sound a little bit crazy, but it keeps my weight under control and helps me stay aware of my body. Recording everything is really helpful to me, but it’s not for everyone. I can also safely say that my weight is headed back down again, much to my pleasure. I also gave blood yesterday and found that my BP, HR, and HGB are very much back in the healthy range again.

2. More scheduled stuff

I like scheduling my life. It’s one of my quirks. I like to fill up my calendar in advance with activities, even if one of them is "stay home and relax tonight!" This week, I’ve completely packed my dance card with social activities and I love it. I guess it’s one of the signs that I truly am an extrovert. Being with others makes me feel energetic and excited.

3. Back to basics

I usually buy myself a loaf of french bread at least twice a week and end up eating a lot of it myself at home. One of my laziest meals is simply a hunk of bread dipped in salted-peppered olive oil. Yes. I totally eat that as dinner some nights, but this week I decided to buy sliced bread instead and work on cooking myself real dinners. The best part about having sliced bread at home is that I make myself sandwiches for lunch (instead of just eating a plain hunk of bread). This week, I’ve been making the old standby: PB&J. I’m quite stingy with the J, but it’s how I like it!

4. Emails and phone calls from a special someone

Franny’s away on business travel this week and next, so we’ve been keeping in touch through email and phone calls. I am not one of those girls who mopes around because her man is gone, but I also have to admit that I miss him terribly. It’s all the little things like coming home to someone, or knowing that he’s just down the peninsula from me during the day. I love my freedom, but I also like the stability that he gives me.

5. And of course the friend bit

What is a Five on Friday list if I don’t mention how much I love my friends. Seriously, they’re the best. J invited me to dinner at his place, which meant I had a tasty and healthy dinner along with some very lovely company. I’ve been hanging out a lot with A, doing maintenance on our bikes, watching movies, riding, and cooking dinner. He gives me another good reason to eat a healthy, tasty meal instead of my usual spartan fare, not to mention he also rides bikes with me, so it’s a good excuse to be active and move my legs. I love boys who help me stay healthy and stimulate my brain too.

Written by Reese

July 23, 2010 at 10:06 am

Posted in just life

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