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Ride report: SF to Palo Alto via Skyline

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So this ride report deal is something that some cyclists do after doing a ride. I have never written one of these before, but I’ve read a ridiculous number of them from people in my cycling club (yes, I am in a cycling club). Some people write long, meandering descriptions of their rides, but my eyes tend to glaze over after 4 or more very long paragraphs, so I’m going to keep this nice and short.

Route: San Francisco to Palo Alto Caltrain via Skyline Blvd
Details: 41 miles, 3.5 hrs
Date: Sunday 15 Aug 2010, the Ides of August (haha)

I rode this solo, leaving my house early on a Sunday, about 8:45. I wanted to leave early so that I could avoid the crowds of people using the Sawyer Camp Trail. There are a lot of people out exercising on the weekends, and the later you get to the trail, the more people there are.

(I hate having to weave around people and call out, "On your left" a billion times. Don’t worry, I am perfectly polite and always slow down when there are people around. I don’t rush past them without a warning, because that’s just plain rude.)

Instead of going up to Golden Gate Park and then down to Ocean Beach, I decided to try a little shortcut that had me going down Mission/San Jose to John Daly Blvd to meet Skyline, but of course I got super lost and ended up snaking around in side streets. Made me wish I had a street map with me, especially down in Daly City. I did end up doing a very nice ride through the suburban residential Westlake area.

Once I got onto Skyline, the ride was pretty straight-forward and I made the usual stops, ate my peanut butter and honey sandwich.

I tried a little experiment and smiled at everyone I passed. Approximately 80% of people smiled back or said hello or good morning. That was really nice. I think I’ll keep doing that all the time. People are pretty damned friendly, for the most part. I’m not the type to skulk around ignoring everyone else anyway.

Ah so anyway, the ride… It was fun. I liked it. I’ll probably do it again soon. It’s just the perfect length for me right now, and has just the right amount of climbing, downhills, and flats. One of these days I’ll do the entire route from SF to SJ, but for now, I’m pretty comfortable with ending in Palo Alto. I was minimally sore after the ride and still feeling energetic, which is just where I want to be.

Really enjoying this so much.

Wide open space

Crystal Spring Reservoir from the Sawyer Camp Trail

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August 16, 2010 at 10:34 am

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