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Selecting a primary care physician

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Since we’ve moved to San Francisco, I’ve been looking into changing my primary care physician to another person located up in town. My previous doctor was located in Santa Clara, which was wonderful and convenient when we lived down in San Jose, but now I’m finding the commute down to be annoying to say the least. I’d even prefer to find someone in between work and home.

But anyway, for now I’m looking at some doctors up in town and completely basing my decision on what they write on their websites. Kaiser is wonderful as it provides every doctor with their own website where they can copy and paste whatever boilerplate text they’d like. They can even include a photo, so I may fully judge the doctor based on how they look too.

Does this person look friendly? Do I think he/she would care if I was whiny and complainy? Are they going to give me crap when they find out that I’ve foolishly gone on exercising through an injury?

(Wait, that last one never happens, right? Right?)

Today I judged candidates based on their hobbies, how much they filled out their personal profiles, their appearance in the profile photo, and how long they’ve been practising. It’s come down to a choice between:

  • A female doctor who is fluent in Spanish, proficient in 4 other languages, and believes in acupuncture and holistic healing
  • A male doctor who meditates to balance himself, has a fish pond in his backyard, and believes in educating his patients to make informed decision

Seriously, I cannot decide between the two. I like being informed and I like meditating and finding inner peace, so maybe Mr. Doctor is better for me. But… I also am a big believer in non-medical medicine and would prefer to have some kind of holistic approach to healing, so maybe Ms. Doctor is a better choice. Their profile photos are both horrifically touched-up, so I don’t exactly know how they’ll be in person. One of them looks unfit from the photo, but it could just be an unflattering angle (unfit doctors are one of my pet peeves, especially ones who go around telling me I should lose a bit more weight to lower my BMI).

Either way, they both speak Spanish. Oh wait, that’s right, I only know food words in Spanish, so unless they’re going to take me for tacos and order for me, this is probably not a big deal.

Right. What do you guys think?

Written by Reese

August 26, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Posted in just life

2 Responses

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  1. Both of them sound pretty good. Flip a coin!

    Jeff D

    August 27, 2010 at 12:51 pm

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