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Five on Friday: Pre-holiday edition

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Monday is a holiday here in the US and I happen to have the day off from work. This will be a nice long weekend for me, and of course I’ve already packed it tight with meeting friends, bike riding, and generally having lots of fun. Life is fun, guys. I wish we can all focus on the good bits more and understand that if we can truly make the best of what we have in our lives right now, then we can enjoy life so much more.

So guys, just focus on the good stuff. It’s all about perspective. And hotties. Don’t forget to surround yourself with hotties.

1. Speaking of hotties…

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with J this week and it’s been really nice. We were both sorta in a rut (separate ruts, actually) in our lives. He was stressed with work and I was just not feeling up to par, but somehow September has arrived and we’ve both managed to de-rut ourselves in the nick of time.

2. The freedom to choose

(No, it’s not about abortion.) I have to say that I’ve been really enjoying my own personal freedom lately. I’ve always been free to do what I want, but I am definitely taking advantage of it more often and doing what I’d like to do, when I’d like to do it. I take other people into account, but for the most part, I’m not letting myself be tied down to obligations until I really want to spend the time on them. Freedom is wonderful.

3. Personal goals

Self-improvement is not overrated. Unhappy with something about yourself? Just try changing yourself a little bit at a time. It works. Even if you end up not liking it, at least you gave it a go.

I wrote in my previous entry about my September goals, so I won’t reiterate them here. I guess I just want to mention that setting and working towards personal goals does make life seem more orderly and worthwhile (at least to me). It’s good to have something to shoot for, even if it’s something small. Just don’t get too discouraged along the way, and remember to step back and enjoy what you’re doing with your life.

4. Get the hell out

I’ve never been much of a "great outdoors" kinda girl. I’ve never gone camping and haven’t spent much time hiking around the woods or anything. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the outdoors a bit more though, especially on bike rides. It’s a good compromise to me because I can stay on the road and out of the woods, but still get out and enjoy the fresh air. Plus, it works my body and I love it when I’m sweating and feeling the rhythm of my body. I really enjoy the steady pumping of my legs, the breath rushing in and out of my lungs, my heartbeat bumping around in my chest, and even feeling my hands grip the handlebars alternately as my weight shifts slightly left and right. I’ve turned quite into an addict.

5. On the topic of happiness

For me, it’s easier to be happy than it is to be sad. I’d rather take a situation and see the positive end of it, than to dwell endlessly (and hopelessly) on the negative end. If you end up thinking about the negative side of life all the time, how do you find the hope and energy to keep going? I’ve felt out of sorts for the past couple of weeks, almost to the point of wondering if I was having some kind of nervous breakdown. My solution was to keep plugging along, let my set work schedule pull me through the day, and find the time to be alone with my thoughts. Somehow, it’s a simple solution, but it works. I’ve been feeling markedly happier and more interested in life. I think life has a way of working everything out if you don’t stress too much over it.

Written by Reese

September 3, 2010 at 10:18 am

Posted in just life

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