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Five on Friday: Post-birthday apocalypse

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I’m still riding high on the birthday aftermath. Seriously, guys. It was so fun and I’m so glad for all the well wishes and the folks who came out and celebrated with me.

(Thanks everyone who gave me a present too! Really completely unnecessary, but totally appreciated. Love you guys.)

I hope it was just as fun for everyone else (or at least you enjoyed a slice of my peanut butter pie or a tasty beer and the company).

This week’s list is going to be…. well, just a nice and random one. Wait, aren’t my lists nice and somewhat random every week? Yeah, I guess so.

1. Barley

I wrote about this previously, but I am really loving barley as a grain right now. I add it to soups and cook it in the rice cooker in place of starch. Man, that stuff is great. Perfectly chewy and wonderful!

2. A walk in the park

Since I’m off my bike of late, I’ve started walking home from the train station every afternoon. Luckily, my workplace offers a shuttle to the Caltrain station and I can hop on the train and ride all the way to SoMA. From there, I walk about 20 minutes to get home. It was a little challenging at first to walk so far without my knee swelling up like a melon, but now it’s getting a little better and I can make it home without having to take an advil when I get there or throw ice on immediately. Progress comes in small, incremental steps. I’ll take it.

3. Caffeine-fiend

I’ve been taking coffee every morning for a while now. I don’t know if I’m necessarily addicted, but I do love the feeling of being excited in the morning to get to work. And it has to be coffee, not tea, not chai, not soda. Wait, I haven’t had soda in… ages! That stuff is way too sweet, but sometimes I do have a slight craving for it (which I satisfy with something else sweet instead).

4. Painted nails

I painted my fingernails for the first time in… ages! (I don’t do this girly stuff too often, since I often chip the polish rather quickly.) This past weekend, I was bored and had a few hours to kill, so I painted my nails a pretty iridescent purple shade. It’s not really a traditional shade, and maybe a little rockster for the office, but somehow it’s okay. Maybe if I died my hair purple to match, people would wonder if I’d lost it.

5. The full 8 hours

I don’t really like to talk about my work on my blog, and for good reason. The way I see it, work is something to be discussed privately with close friends and family, and not online where anyone can find it. Thus, I don’t really have much to say in this bullet point except that I have had a really damned good week at work. I meet more interesting (and generous) people everyday, and I am really enjoying my time here.

Written by Reese

September 17, 2010 at 9:18 am

Posted in just life

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  1. I heart barley!!


    September 20, 2010 at 5:59 pm

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