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Transit Funtimes

I’m a little too chatty for my own good. Sometimes I just want to have a quiet, anonymous train commute, but since I’ve made friends on both ends, I tend to run into them and end up chatting with them. I guess I could always be unfriendly, nod a quick hello, and put my headphones on, but if you know me, then you know I just can’t do that.

Oh that’s right… I’m back on the bike. I had stopped riding to help my knee heal, but Franny is on a business trip right now and I really hate driving by myself, so I’m back to riding to work (slowly of course) and taking the train on both ends. The past two weeks Franny has been dropping me off at work in the morning, and I’ve taken the work shuttle to the train station in the afternoons. It’s been really nice riding the train without a bike because I can just go sit anywhere and not worry if my bike is okay, but I really hate having to walk home from the station since it takes a while.

I am so glad to be riding my bike to work again (of course you already knew that).

What a crappy chemist I would make

Throughout my many years of education, I always made a better physicist than chemist. My experiments never turned out so well. I’m bad at precisely measuring, and I’m quite clumsy in general when it comes to using scales and powders, etc.

(One time I poured dilute HCl all over my hand; it turned red and itched for the rest of the day. The lab assistant was very unhappy with me.)

In an effort to help improve myself, specifically my poor chemistry skills, I’ve decided to do more baking. Baking is like chemistry: you precisely measure out ingredients, mix them in a specific order, and then keep them at temperature for a certain amount of time. The bonus of baking is that you hopefully end up with something good to eat instead of just doing some random chemical reaction (unless I’m using chemistry to make meth, in which case I’ll get to make money off selling meth to junkies while endangering my life and the lives of everyone on my block, yay!).

I’m really more of a cook than a baker; I like tossing this and that in the pan until it tastes right and making it up as I go along. Following recipes precisely is quite difficult for me, so this needs to be improved. No shortcuts, no substitutions. I’ll just find recipes, follow them to the letter, and see what happens. Somehow, I think that the first step of actually following recipes will already greatly improve my baking.

I’ll try out my first baking experiment this week before Franny gets back from his business trip (I have a lot of free time these days). I’ve even been thinking about doing some baking and then sending a short-notice email announcement out to SF friends to meet me somewhere in the Mission for a drink and some experimental sweets.

Yes, this sounds like a fun plan.

Now I just need to find Madeira wine…

Written by Reese

September 21, 2010 at 11:16 am

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