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11,707: Catastrophic failure

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My headphones magically stopped working. I’m not really sure why, but they are eerily silent while the display on my player is happily bopping along, counting up each second of each song.

I really don’t mind that the headphones stopped working since I am quite rough on them and use them just about every day during my commute. What I do mind is that the headphones had what I would call a "catastrophic failure." Both earbuds just flat out stopped working and I am left with no music. The funny thing is that usually my earbuds stop working one at a time, so I can keep using the same pair of busted headphones until both ears quit, but this time they both died at the same time. Sad, really.

I guess this means I have to go back to actually listening to what’s going on in the real world. Maybe this is a good thing.

Written by Reese

September 30, 2010 at 10:08 am

Posted in just life

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