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11,711: The Daily Write

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You know this self-improvement bit I’ve been on? It’s been a bit weird trying to be more reserved and give myself a moment to think about my reactions before showing the world what I’m thinking. It’s downright difficult for me, to be honest. It’s only day four and I’m already failing miserably at this. I think I am just the kind of person who gets excited about life and gushes about it. I can’t help it.

Maybe my goal should just be to write everyday. I love writing, but I have yet to figure out any kind of long-term writing goal. A couple years ago, I was doing a "Daily Write" project with a friend. We both posted to a blog or emailed each other our writings, just to get us into the habit of writing everyday. It was interesting for sure, but the energy for the project eventually waned and we both dropped it after a while. Maybe it’s time to start it back up again, at least on my own. I think it may be easier to do it if I’m doing it for myself, and not for anyone else.

But anyway… I’ve already made the decision to start so now I just need to go about collecting some cue phrases. Here’s the first one:

Hot sauce

She was angry that day. Everything had seemed to go terribly wrong, and she was disappointed and angry with the entire world. Her thoughts swirled around and around in her head.

You know what you want yet?

The waitress was back. She’d spent 10 minutes sitting at the table staring at the menu, her water glass filled, the napkin neatly folded under a pair of chopsticks. A few minutes ago, she had shooed the waitress away when she came to take her order, but now she had to make a decision.

Yeah, the number 6.

Hurriedly scribbling on her pad, the waitress snatched the menu and bustled away, calling out the order to the kitchen. And just like that, she was alone again with her thoughts. She stared at the bright red hot sauce bottle, a splash of colour on the otherwise grey and beige background of the table. She needed something to help her settle her thoughts, something to focus on, and the bottle was at least something to settle her gaze upon.

The restaurant was so busy and loud around her, but she didn’t hear anything as she sat motionless, the bright red bottle somehow calming her, letting her sort out her thoughts slowly. She sifted the thoughts into the ‘Now’ and ‘Later’ bins in her mind, shifting most of them into the ‘Later’ bin. She could only concentrate on one thing at a time, so it didn’t make sense for her to try to figure everything out right now. Sighing softly, she decided on a single problem to work on immediately and pushed the rest of them to the back of her mind.

It was a while before she realised that a steaming bowl of food had been placed on the table just to her right. Picking up that bottle of hot sauce, she drew a bright red smiley face on her food, smiling to herself.


Written by Reese

October 4, 2010 at 10:32 am

Posted in just life

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