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Five on Friday: A very busy week

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I have been feeling really busy this week at work, so I’ve been keeping it super low key at home. Luckily, when I leave work, I leave it behind. I try to not stress about work or too many other things in life since it’s really not worth the trouble. I read somewhere that men (compared to women) are better at leaving work at work, so I strive to be "like a guy" when it comes to leaving my work at work and making home a separate experience.

But anyway, this has so little to do with the Five on Friday list. It’s a random mishmash of things I’ve been thinking about this week.

1. Ten years ago…

This time ten years ago, I had returned from a short stint in New Mexico working at Some Kinda Science Gig. I ate a lot of tamales, did all my grocery shopping on foot, experienced the daily pouring rains, awoke in the middle of the night to loud thunderstorms that sounded like the sky was going to crack in half, and did a lot of really fun science. It was very first time I lived by myself without a roommate and I was completely on my own. I had a couple friends who lived there, but for the most part, I was by myself the entire time, and it wasn’t half bad at all, but it was really lonely.

After I moved away from there, I promptly got myself another flatmate. It’s good to come home to someone else.

2. A pop of colour

I may not have a cohesive style when to comes to clothes, but I’ve noticed that I tend to wear neutrals and then have a flash of colour somewhere, usually the socks (just like in that photo up there). The dress accompanying those socks is grey, black, and white, so not so colourful.

Much of the time, people look down at my feet when they see me, which I find very amusing. I try to keep thing fun, even at work.

3. Can’t you take anything seriously?

(I meant that specifically about photography.) I keep waffling back and forth about what to do with my photography. I like the idea of trying to focus on a particular subject and just go crazy photographing the same stuff over and over again until I can finally get it right (say, doing street photography, or doing portraiture, or maybe still life), but I think I have a hard time figuring out if I even want to take photography seriously or not. I guess at some point, I might try taking it seriously, but for now I’m just having fun and shooting whatever’s around.

4. Stand up straight, goddammit!

When it comes to posture, I’m not a model citizen or anything, but I happen to think that one’s carriage is so goddamn important. It is so much nicer to look at people who hold themselves straight than those who slouch and show their tummies. It’s funny, but when I think about bas posture, I usually think of one girl in particular that I know who is pretty, but goddamn her posture is SO terrible that it completely ruins her for me. She’s not the slimmest girl (and there is nothing wrong with a girl with meat on her bones), but in photos she just comes across as being so squat, which I know she’s not. Her belly sticks out, her shoulders are pushed forward…. it’s just everything bad to me. I want to tell her to stand up straight, but I can’t really, and it’s too bad.

5. High heels I can walk around in

I don’t really like wearing high heels. For the most part, I feel like I’m already tall enough, and I also find them rather uncomfortable for walking around. I’ve been trying to snap into the menswear trend, so I bought a pair of oxfords with a 2.5" heel. As it turns out, these heels are possibly the most comfortable heeled shoes I own, so I’ve been wearing them to work and walking all over the place in them! I don’t know that I would wear them for a day of walking all around San Francisco, but I don’t think twice about bringing them to work where I may end up on my feet for a couple hours a day. I’m wearing them in the photo above, but you probably can’t quite tell since the angle is low.

And yes, I even bike in these shoes. I worry that my toeclips are going to wear out my shoes where they contact, but I’d rather have worn down shoes than not use the toeclips at all. I’m absolutely ruining by the toeclips and cannot even think about biking without them now.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!


Written by Reese

October 15, 2010 at 10:17 am

Posted in just life

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  1. I keep thinking you should go clipless. Shoes last longer when they aren’t rubbing against toeclips…. and I’ve found clipless pedals to be far more reliable than toe clips in terms of getting your foot unstuck at a stop sign.

    My shoes are all lasting quite well now that I’ve gone clipless. Part of this is that all of my shoes get a good chance to dry out between wearings and apparently that’s what really wears out shoes.

    (Although there are two side effects: I usually walk around in my socks until lunch. And I feel really bad for my poor under-used sneakers)

    Also, it’s not necessarily about the socks. It’s about the fishnets and other exciting hosiery as well. πŸ˜€

    Which reminds me… you need to go slummin’ it in the southbay sometime soon with your bike and exciting legwear. Lately, I’ve been trying to take things super-seriously and then switch, instead of being always-on super-serious. I’ve found that, as long as I don’t let more than a few weeks go by between modes….

    But I can’t not take my photography seriously. Doesn’t work for me.


    October 17, 2010 at 9:24 am

    • See the problem with going clipless is that I’d have to wear those ugly shoes that go with them. Sorry… until they make cute shoes, then I might consider, but the clips work just fine for now.

      And yes…. let’s figure out a southbay excursion soon. I’ll email ya.


      October 17, 2010 at 10:18 am

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