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Another week under my belt, another week of good and bad things, but mostly good things. It doesn’t really make sense to dwell on any of the bad things (and truly, are they really so terrible when you look back at them?), so I’ll go ahead and write up five good things happening this past week.

1. Physical therapy is pretty damned awesome

I am constantly amazed at how effective physical therapy has been. The other day, I happily noted to myself that I hadn’t felt any pain in a little while. When you’re coming from months upon months of chronic pain, this realisation is so amazingly freeing and wonderful. I actually almost felt like crying when I realised this, but I didn’t because I’m a badass like that.

2. My parents will always care

You guys probably don’t know my parents, but they are definitely the types who love me unconditionally and think I’m also a bit mad. We spoke for the first time in a while (it is actually my responsibility to phone them and I’ve been entirely lacking), and I was reminded that no matter how much I might find they are bit annoying when it comes to reminding me to be safe and not hurt myself and take care of myself, it’s all because they care and love me. I used to have less patience for this kind of stuff, but lately I’ve been thinking my parents are pretty awesome, no matter how many times they tell me not to ride my bike at night or alone. They might be a little overly concerned, but they do love me and I love them too. Awww…. sappy, I know.

It’s good to know they’re in my corner.

3. Rain, glorious rain!

Rainy season in California is inevitable. We may not get a lot of really inclement weather, but we do get a decent amount of gloomy rainy days in the wintertime (but of course not as many as Seattle or Portland). Yeah, we have it pretty easy here, so I really cannot complain about the weather at all! In fact, I actually LIKE the gloomy, rainy winters here. Sure, it’s a bit miserable when you’re unprepared for it and you’re riding a bike, but it’s really not so bad. Plus, wool dries pretty quickly and still keeps you warm when it’s damp. Good thing for sure.

4. Fellow hardcore (bike) enthusiasts

Wow, that could have gone so wrong if you were thinking I was into other hardcore things, like um… uh…. right. Another reason why I love the recent wet weather is that fewer bikes crowd on the train everyday, and there are actually fewer bike commuters on the road too. I like seeing people riding around, but I do like knowing that I’m part of the "hardcore" type of bike commuter that sticks to it even in the rain. It’s a matter of pride really. I don’t see rain as a reason to stop riding as far as running errands, but it does cut back massively on my weekend recreational riding. I love my big yellow bike poncho.

5. The ups, the downs, and everything in between

I’ve been feeling rather anti-social lately and just holing up on my own or spending time with Frannie and not really making much effort to see friends. When plans fall through, I’ve been more than content to just let them slide, which is rather unusual for me. Normally, once I’ve got you on my agenda, I don’t rest until we’ve managed to actually hang out. Ah, but things will ebb and flow, so really no need to worry about if I’m becoming a bit of a hermit. Things will change with time, as always.

Written by Reese

October 22, 2010 at 10:06 am

Posted in just life

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  1. long live hermits!


    October 22, 2010 at 6:36 pm

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