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11,739: Hello November

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October was wonderful, wasn’t it? Well, I hope it was for you, or that you can at least remember the good stuff that went down instead of the bad. Yes, I’m trying to make you all more optimistic. Is it working?

At the beginning of every month, Frannie reads both our horoscopes aloud and then we see how it goes for the month. I realise that this means it becomes somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it’s just a nice reminder to work on something during the month. This past month, my horoscope said that any steps I took to improve my health would be met with much success. Probably as a result of this, I booked a doctor’s appointment, demanded a physical therapy referral, and began doing the daily exercises the therapist recommended. Of course, I have to say that my physical well-being is much improved since doing this. I no longer have to deal with that constant dull pain in my leg, and I’ve quit popping painkillers on a daily basis.

Seriously, physical therapy is pretty much the best thing. Ever.

You know what the secret was? A 36"-long, 6" diameter foam roller. At first, doing the exercises was quite excruciating, but since I’m a good little masochist, I powered through and was able to begin freely rolling back and forth in less than a week. No crying, honest. I actually came to welcome the pain from rolling my leg since I had faith that it was doing something good for me.

After working on my exercises for 3 weeks, I am proud to say that I was able to ride my bike all over SF yesterday without any pain. I went up and down some decently steep hills too! My main route yesterday was SoMa –> Golden Gate Park –> Sutro Heights overlooking Cliff House –> Bender’s in the Mission –> Panhandle –> Sunset for noodles and dumpling dinner –> back to SoMa to my place. It’s really not terribly far, but I didn’t have any discomfort the entire day and I was so, so, so pleased. My goal is to join SF2G this Friday for their No-Rider-Left-Behind ride, and I really think I’m ready for it! I’m still working on gaining full range of motion on my leg

So anyway… one of my favourite things that happened this month was a random road trip to Bodega Bay. It was slightly rainy, but gorgeous. I’m happy with almost any trip to see the ocean, and this was a wonderful little trip. We stopped at a little place for clam rolls and hot, creamy chowder and then sat on some rocks and watched people playing on the beach. On the way home, we stopped in Oakland for Ethiopian food and beer. Wonderful wonderful day out.

The roar of the ocean

I had a goal for October to practice being more reserved and now immediately show my emotions so quickly, but it was soon abandoned as a goal. I think my true goal this month was really to improve my physical condition, and I’d say that this was well-accomplished. My random goal for November is going to be try to improve my penmanship. That sounds like a really lame goal, but I think living in a world where most of my correspondence is type-written means that my penmanship has become more and more illegible. Of course, it was never that great, but when I’m looking through my lab notebook and I can barely decipher what I wrote, it’s time to do something about it.

What else have I been up to this month? Well let’s see:

  • Delivered art via bicycle with Papergirl SF
  • Took a short day trip to Napa with Frannie
  • Helped J take photos for his Coming Out Day blog entry
  • Had some very good Ethiopian food and also had dim sum twice!!
  • Met more and more great folks, some bikey, some not
  • Received a new cycling hat from a friend who won it at an alleycat but decided he wouldn’t wear it
  • Visited the Henri Cartier-Bresson show at SFMoMA during the Member Preview, courtesy of D
  • Got a new powder blue helmet that’s more visible than my black one

Oh October, you’ve been so good to me. Treat me gently, November.


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November 1, 2010 at 1:15 pm

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