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I’ve been sick for the past few days, with whatever’s been "going around" to everyone. Even Frannie got sick with it too, and it lasted for more than a day. As for me, I actually decided to take care of myself and stay home from work for a couple days, instead of just suffering and ending up with a cold that lingers for a week or more. As a result, I’m feeling pretty darned good, except for a tiny bit of a cough left over. Hopefully that’ll be gone in the next couple days and I’ll be 100% soon. Yay.

In the meantime, America has decided to go back to standard time, so it means our mornings are bright once again and the afternoons are dark. It sure seems to me that people lament this change every frickin’ year, but seriously guys, can you just quit complaining about it already? If we used standard time all year round, I’d be just fine with it, but we don’t. We have that wacky daylight savings time during the summer, and you know what, the time on my clock dances forward and back each spring and winter and I don’t frickin’ complain about it. But I guess it’s inevitable that people will complain about something. If it wasn’t about that, it’d be about the weather or the stock market or the price of things these days.

Right. Enough complaining about people who complain. Seriously, it doesn’t help anything really.

Anyway, we’re headed down to the LA area to relax and eat and get away from the Bay Area for a few days next week. I’ve only really been to LA once before and we visited friends and stayed with them. This time, we’re on our own, so we’re taking suggestions from everyone on what to do and where to eat. I think the current list right now is:

  • USC campus
  • Exhibition Park
  • Pastrami at Langer’s Deli
  • Daikokuya Ramen
  • The Getty Center or the Getty Villa
  • Koreatown
  • Little Tokyo
  • The beach

We’re still working on what the heck we’ll actually be doing, but I imagine we’ll end up just walking around a lot, eating wherever, maybe sitting on grass if we can find it, and then going to a pub at night. That’s what we seem to do every time we go on vacation, no matter how much planning I do.

Better to over-plan and under-accomplish than to feel extremely bored and not know what to do, right? So anyway, please provide any suggestions, especially food-related if you haven’t already.

Written by Reese

November 11, 2010 at 2:15 pm

Posted in just life

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