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Blogs have become so prevalent that it seems that the only way to have a "popular" blog is to stick to a single topic and write about that most of the time. Well, that is unless you have a super-interesting life or you’re famous and people read your blog because of that. Unluckily, most of us aren’t famous (or even internet-famous), so blogs that talk about specific things like cooking, humour, photography, celebrities, etc are more likely to garner hits than blogs about people’s lives.

Tumblr seems to be a perfect example of this. There are lots of tumblrs based on quite specific interests like girls on bikes, pretty girls, vintage clothing, menswear, interior design, etc. It’s pretty interesting how specific they can be.

Well this doesn’t mean that I’m going to start blogging about some specific subject. I’ll probably keep writing whatever I feel like writing and posting whatever I like on here. Or maybe I’ll stop posting altogether. I don’t know that people still care, and most of my online friends probably follow me more on Flickr or Twitter anyway. Or maybe no one follows me at all and it’s all just in my head. Yeah…


Maybe I should stick to posting photos and writing little stories to go with them, but I do that on Flickr and maybe it should stay there instead. Eh… what to do about this little blog space… maybe just keep it and keep doing whatever I’m doing with it, popular or not. I can’t worry about promoting my blog or driving traffic to my site. Ha. It’s just too much trouble.

And with that, I’m off to go read some other people’s personal blogs that I subscribe to. They also don’t really write about anything very specific, but somehow I still find it interesting.

Written by Reese

November 23, 2010 at 10:11 am

Posted in just life

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