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You know how I was making a resolution each month? November turned into a no-resolution month. I finally decided to improve my handwriting in November, but now it’s ended up as bad as when the month started. Ah so.

I have a lot of personal goals on my list, but I don’t seem to make a lot of progress on them, probably because I can’t seem to keep concentrating on the same goal for more than a few weeks at a time. I have the attention span of a cat, I swear. I’ve been wanting to learn another language or bone up on my French and neither has happened yet. I’ve also wanted to somehow streamline this blog into something more than the random stuff in my life. Maybe I should focus on cooking or on photography, or just restrict this blog to both of those subjects. Then I can think more about what kinds of entries to write instead of just spouting off about anything that comes to mind.

But wait, this might work well since I’ve also been meaning to get back to cooking more from recipes. Seeing as there are so many food-centric holidays in late autumn/early winter, it seems that I should try to stay healthy by cooking my own food at home. When I cook at home, I am more likely to:

  • Use quality ingredients
  • Use a healthy amount of fats (basically, I don’t deep-fry anything at home)
  • Add a lot of vegetables
  • Cut back on the amount of meat
  • Cut back on the general volume of food I consume
  • Generally be more conscious of what I’m eating
  • Be more aware of my food habits
  • Save some goddamn money

As much as I love eating out, I love feeling healthy too and quite often I will come home from eating out feeling heavy and bloated. It’s probably a combination of the sheer volume that restaurants serve (yes, I have a hard time stopping myself and maintaining portion control) and all the things that make restaurant food taste so good, e.g., fats and calories.

The thing is, I am almost positive that I can make tasty delicious food all by myself at home (ok, with a little help from Franny sometimes) that will leave me feeling lighter and healthier than eating out at a restaurant. And this is where I completely admit to the Type A control freak inside me that thinks it’s a better idea to eat my so-so tasting, nutritious, homecooked food than glorious tasting, probably fatty restaurant food.

(Maybe I just need to go out to nicer restaurants.)

But anyway, I’ll leave you with a few photos of eateries we visited in Los Angeles.

After a long drive

Our very first meal there was Ethiopian at Merkato Restaurant on Fairfax near Pico. We hadn’t planned anything in advance, and I figured we would just do the research when we got there and had cravings (this often turns out to be the best way to plan our meals, with the exception of must-eat or fancy dinners out). We showed up at the hotel, freshened up a little, read the little "Los Angeles" magazine in the room, and discovered that Ethiopian food sounded like just the right thing to eat. I perused the Chowhound boards for a little bit and decided that we would show up and check out Messob, Merkato, and one other place whose name escapes me. Parking was rather easy and we quickly walked past all three places (they’re right next to each other) and decided to hit Merkato for no reason other than it looked not-too-trendy.

The first thing we ordered were two bottles of Hakim Stout, our Ethiopian beverage of choice. If I am ever able to find these beers at the store, I will probably buy a case or two. Then we quickly settled on the vegetarian combo and gored-gored, chunks of raw beef in spices. I think they seared cook the beef to medium for us and it was simply delicious.

Noodle ♡♥

We went to Daikoku-ya Ramen and ordered (you guessed it) ramen! I quite enjoyed the springy noodles and the thickly flavoured broth that still tasted quite light. The pork slices melted in my mouth and the tiny glop of pickled ginger I added on top really made a nice foil to the super meaty broth. And to top it all off, we stopped at the manju shop ahead of time and brought 4 small manju back to the hotel room to share while watching television.

Something sweet

If you’re in Santa Monica/West LA area, Bite Bakery is a very cute little shop. They have a nice array of sweets, from fruity ones to decadent chocolate ones. I believe they are known for their salted caramels, but we didn’t order any when we were there. Maybe next time we’re there, I’ll insist on getting it, since it sounds quite amazing and I adore the mix of salty-sweet.

There are more photos of LA to come; I’m simply slow at uploading. I’ll probably post about my cooking ideas. Maybe I’ll do some recipe and photo posts with whatever I’ve been mixing up at home. I’ve thought about keeping a bit of a homecooked-dinner journal, but I don’t know how many times you guys really want to read about my sad meals like "sardines from the can on toast" or "vegetable tofu stir fry over rice" or "buttered toast with apple slices." I don’t know that I would like to tell the world exactly how frequently I eat those meals as well.

Uh huh… ANYWAY… I’m off for now. xoxo

Written by Reese

November 29, 2010 at 4:26 pm

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