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The end of the year is rolling in and it seems that just about everyone I know is super busy, myself included. I don’t usually talk about work here, but I just have to say that I have a project that needs to be completed by the end of the year, so I’ve been bending over backwards to coordinate between myself and 5 of the manufacturing areas. Wait, do you guys know what I do? I’m a materials engineer, but that might mean nothing to you, so the gist of it is that I work on qualifying replacement materials and parts for stuff that has been discontinued, work on developing new materials for use in current applications, and work on specifications with vendors and customers to make sure we’re buying what we want to buy and installing things the right way. That’s really my job in a nutshell.

But anyway, things have gotten busy, to say the least, especially since I need to complete one of my tasks by the end of the year and it requires me to coordinate time with several manufacturing areas. I was going to take off some time between Christmas and New Year, but it’s looking more like I won’t be taking any time off until January. Normally, I’d be pretty peeved at this, but I have been enjoying everything at work so much that I don’t even care! I’ll get to be at work when it won’t be super-busy and I will probably be able to get a lot more done too, so that makes me pretty happy.

Let’s see, what else have I been up to lately? The cycling club at work gave me the "Most Enthusiastic" award, which consists of a super awesome plaque that is now hanging in my office. More than one person nominated me for this, so this is pretty damned hilarious.

I got back from Chicago last week and have been slowly posting up the photos from that too-short trip. I really need to go back there for vacation soon and probably when it’s warmer so we can walk around without wondering if our fingers are frostbitten.

The convention centre was simply cavernous! The space was huge and since it was December in a Chicago suburb, the centre was quite empty.

And it's over

The clouds out in Chicago made for some spectacular skies, much in the way that some of the recent morning clouds here have made for some gorgeous sunrises. I watch the sunrise every morning on the train and some days it’s simply fantastic how many different shades of purple andorange the sky turns.

Out of the grey come the twinkling lights

Oh, and I ate quite well in Chicago that lovely Sunday with A. We started off with some pilipino breakfast, complete with red-coloured meat, over easy eggs, and garlic fried rice at Uncle Mike’s Place. It really hit the spot as I was starving after sitting on the plane.


A few hours later, we followed it up with chardogs from Wiener Circle. JC had ordered me to eat a Chicago-Style, so I had to do it! Luckily, A was keen and said we should hit up Wiener Circle for a good old-fashioned Chi-dog with the works (of course).


Early this weekend, I spent some time going out with friends since Fran was still abroad on a business trip. I went to Bazaar Bizarre on Saturday and then visited the Pixar exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California on Sunday. I also managed to rush and finish a hat that I’ve been knitting for a girlfriend who is moving to Chicago next month. She’s a good old California girl, so I figured she’d need a nice warm wool hat and made her a poufy Japanese-hobo hat in dark grey so it’ll go with everything and she’ll wear it all the time. The hat design has nothing to do with the Japanese, hobos, or Japanese hobos, but it’s what I call this style of slouchy hat. Before it was really popular in the states, I used to see it a lot in my Japanese fashion magazines in like the bohemian style, but somehow I started to think of it as a Japanese-hobo hat instead of a Japanese-Bohemian hat, which is just too hard to type/say all the time. Japanese-hobo just rolls off the tongue. I hope she wears it all the time and it helps to keep her head and ears warm!

Japanese hobo hat

Oh, and on a sad note, we have two small digital cameras and one of them completely died and the other has become a battery-eater, telling me the brand-new fresh batteries are already dead, when they just can’t be! What a pain in the butt. My camera with brand-new batteries actually died on Sunday when I was out with Darren traipsing around east bay, so I’m pretty annoyed with it right now. When I pointed out the camera failures to Fran (who finally got back from the latest business trip on Sunday), he countered with the fact that the cameras are actually pretty old (the completely broken one is at least 5 years old and the battery-eater is already 3 or 4 years old), so we got a good run out of both of them. Really, I just need to stop expecting things to be reliable, especially consumer electronics. It’s a wonder that my dSLR still works at all, seeing that it’s about 7 years old.

I’ve been bummed about the teeny cameras being broken, but that’s not a good reason as to why I haven’t downloaded any of the weekend’s photos. Just trust that it’s going go take a little while for me to get all the photos up. I’m constantly backlogged, it seems. At least I’m less backlogged than when I was shooting film. I have a few rolls to develop and scan, and in the meantime, I might start shopping for a new point and shoot camera to replace the others.

I’ll leave you with two photos that I took at the Bazaar Bizarre on Saturday.

Red velvet avec une moustache Classic chocolate (or kahlua?)

Cupcakes. I know. I’m not a huge fan of the cupcake trend (no I did not eat or buy any of these cupcakes), but goddammit, cupcakes are just so cute that I fear they’ll never go away. Macarons are the new cupcakes, and I’m all over that.

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December 14, 2010 at 5:20 pm

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