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So you know that bread I was talking about yesterday? I baked it up and look how it turned out:

Slow-rise boule

(Click through for full baking notes on Flickr.) I’m pretty happy with it. I tried several new things with this loaf:

  • Ratio method for determining quantities
  • Slow-rise method for the first rise
  • Internal temperature based bake times
  • Steam pan in the bottom of the oven for a crispier crust

When I usually make bread, I find a recipe, follow it, and then bake it for the specified time and do the "thump" method of determining done-ness. This time, I got much more scientific, with the hope that I can more easily achieve consistency.

I have a scientific mind, after all, so of course it appeals to me to reduce variables and distill baking bread down to a basic science. Understanding cause and effect means I can predict the outcome of the "experiment." Also, it will allow me to change the recipe as I see fit, specifically scaling quantities up and down and adjusting the crispiness of the crust. I’m still working on it all, but it’s been quite a learning experience trying to make my baking more consistent and formulaic.

This all sounds terribly dry, I know, so on to possibly more exciting things, like photography.

I have a few more photos to share from my little east bay field trip last weekend. The weather has been quite wet lately, so I took some photos of ponds.

Pond Study #1 Pond Study #2 Pond Study #3

With my strange sense of humour, I found the juxtaposition of these photos rather amusing. I might be flying solo on this.

After the giggle-fit, I also felt the need to document the inside of the loo, which was huge and mostly empty. Only one or two other people walked in while I was in there, so I had to wait for them to leave before I took the photo.

It’s always a little unsettling when you see someone taking a reflected shot in the loo, so I try to avoid getting caught. If I saw someone else taking photos in the loo, I’d probably stay there and try to get into their photo. I’m annoying like that. I’d be interested to find myself in someone’s loo photo at some point.

Highly amused.

Oh, I was also wearing these tights and those shoes that day:

Head over heels crazy

Bright colours make me so happy. Do you remember when the trend for women was to wear the candy-coloured high heels? I loved that I would look down and see skittle-colours all over women’s shoes. That was so great. I suppose the brightly coloured tights trend is on the way out right now, which means that I stick out more than usual, especially in wintertime when everyone seems to be wearing quite dour earth tones and lots of black and navy (but not often together). I’ve never really followed trends, so I’ll just keep wearing whatever it is that I like and that looks good on me. Here’s to lots more crazy tights and above-the-knee skirts!

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December 17, 2010 at 1:11 pm

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