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It’s been a mighty eventful year, and we’ve been crafting lots and lots of upcoming plans and our lives could change drastically soon in multiple ways. I’m super excited about it all of course, and not dreading the whole idea of change at all. I thrive on change! Well, I kinda thrive on change. I like having my little daily schedule, but in the grand scheme of things, I do love embarking on new adventures in general.

Anyway, 2010 was pretty interesting. Lots has changed, lots has stayed the same. Still live with the same guy and the same cat, but now in a slightly different location, made a major purchase, did a spot of travelling, rotated the friend circles a bit, and slowly but surely advanced at my job. Yes, overall a good year. I mean, I am not really the type to look back and think about how shitty the year was in the first place, so saying it was a good year is just what I say.

As for 2011, who knows what it holds? Every so often a girlfriend and I will check our horoscopes (how girly of us). I just checked my 2011 horoscope and am utterly amused that part of it says that:

Friends you’ve known for years will suddenly start doing weird things. You’ll also change quite a bit. Be prepared.

Oh man, that sounds AWESOME! I can’t wait for friends to start doing weird things! That really does sound pretty exciting. I don’t exactly know what "weird" means though. Having friends that sometimes do weird stuff probably means that I think the weird stuff is nothing out of the ordinary. Besides, who am I to say if something is weird or not? It might be unusual or out of character, but it might not be weird. Weird is relative, I think.

I probably act weird a lot of the time, too.

As for changing quite a bit, I’m very happy to hear that too. Change is good. It’s "winter" right now in northern California, and while it’s never really quite winter for me without gobs of snow, it’s as wintery as it gets around here. The houses here are still decorated with twinkly holiday lights that will surely come down in a few days, and the air is brisk and chilly. The trees are either bare or are still clutching onto their remaining bright orange/brown leaves, and I can see my breath in the mornings, carefully crossing the lightly frosted railroad tracks.

I probably won’t write again until after the new year, so I’ll leave you with a nice little photo from my morning commute. I love the golden morning sun this time of year.

"Morning sunlight in Palo Alto"

Written by Reese

December 30, 2010 at 11:22 am

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