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4/ Slightly burnt no-knead bread

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4/ Slightly burnt no-knead bread

Baked bread last night, so I had a couple slices for breakfast this morning. It poured last night, but we watched it from the safe warmness of our flat as it beat against our neighbours’ rooftops. Also should mention that the bread was slightly burnt as I ended up not putting it into the oven until about midnight, and then forgot to lower the temperature for the second half of the baking time and also timed for the longer end of the range. Normally, that would work out with perfectly baked bread, but since I failed to reduce the temperature, it slightly burnt it. I scraped off the blackest parts and luckily, the bread still tastes very good.

This morning, I watched an interesting documentary called “Listen,” which is all about music, sounds, and perception. It’s probably not for everyone, and there was a lot of parts I didn’t quite understand, but it’s an interesting documentary for anyone who is interested in music or interpretation of sound. It’s more emotional rather than intellectual, which I much enjoyed.

Written by Reese

January 2, 2011 at 1:37 pm

Posted in just life

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