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11804 Bread baking and eating more salt

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No-preheat method for baking bread

I baked a loaf of 75% hydration slow-rise bread this weekend using the no-preheat method. Basically, you put the risen bread into a cold oven and turn it to the temperature and let it complete the rise in the oven during the preheating cycle. Then you just bake it as usual, making sure to check on the brownness and temperature when you are within 10 minutes of the usual finish time. It did not come out as nicely as the usual method, mostly because:

  • It was baked on a flat metal pan without steam instead of inside a hot stoneware pot covered with foil to seal in the moisture
  • I think I underbaked it a tiny bit
  • It probably didn’t rise enough before I threw it into the oven

Oh well. It’s still edible and tasty, so I’ve been eating it up like mad. I have a slice each morning with my usual breakfast of natto and coffee.

Written by Reese

January 5, 2011 at 5:31 pm

Posted in just life

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