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My Everyday: Week 1

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Ok so you know how I said I was going to post all the photos here on my blog and not on my Flickr? Well, somehow it got all turned around in my head and I’ve decided just the opposite now. I’ll post the photos to Flickr everyday and then do a weekly wrap up here on the blog. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted a single spot where I could look at this project, one week at a time, hence posting the weekly entry here. I’m also figuring that posting the previous week on Fridays would be easier since the project’s week goes from Thursday to Wednesday and that gives me a couple days to get my act together and do the post on Friday. Uh huh…

We’ll see how well this plan goes…

So here we go, days one through seven…

1/ Bought the monthly train pass. Prices went up, as we were previously notified they would.

1/ Monthly transaction

2/ Went to see the ocean for New Year’s Eve before running some errands and staying in for the night. We are very laidback like that.

2/ To the Ocean

3/ Happy new year from San Francisco!

3/ Happy New Year

4/ What else would I do on a lazy Sunday except bake some bread? Slightly burnt, but still tasty once I scraped the very burnt bits off.

4/ Slightly burnt no-knead bread

5/ The clouds have been so pretty in the morning, probably because it rained last week.

5/ A 'mixte' up morning

6/ This time of year is really nice because the sun rises almost exactly in the same direction as the street. It’s called the Stonehenge Effect and it happens famously in NYC. The effect on the peninsula of course is possibly only noticed by me.

6/ Alone with a runner

7/ Sometimes I take this bike path on the way to work and the light has been very pretty. I only have a few variations on the general morning commute route.

7/ A cold, sunny morning

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January 7, 2011 at 12:20 pm

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