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My Everyday – Days 8-14

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I looked back at this past week of photos and had to chuckle a little bit. So typical. All I really needed to add was a food photo and maybe a photo of the cat, and I’m all set. Really, I’m amazed at how many of my photos are landscapes though. I don’t really get excited about landscapes, but they are pretty and remind me of good times.

And off we go:

8/ Sunset is sometimes so pretty I ooh and aahh from my bike

Lately, the sunsets have been gorgeous, all kinds of pinks and purples and other pretty colours. I take photos of the sky because in a few months, we’ll be back to the clear blue California summertime skies that don’t seem to make for epic sunsets.

9/ And that's when the aliens show up and abduct us all

On Friday, San Francisco had our very own bike party, and it was super fun! The route was great, taking us all over the city, and the crowd was really friendly and wonderful. I really enjoy rides where everyone is in a good mood, and not thinking about the whole cars vs bikes thing.

10/ Good, but not quite

Saturday I saw some friends. It was a really great day and I didn’t take that many photos at all.

11/ East Bay field trip

Sunday was spent in the east bay with an old college buddy. Most of my college friends left the bay area after school (including myself and Frannie), but he’s one of the few I keep in touch with who’s still in the area. It feels pretty good to have a friend I’ve known for so long. We’re not terrible close, but we never have a problem getting together and hanging out.

12/ morning evening

Monday was double-photo day. Thought it was an interesting pairing, both taken along the bike boulevard in Palo Alto.

13/ My "eBook"

So you may think I’m a technophobe, but I’m really not. I’m just lazy and don’t like owning too many things. I managed to find an ebook version of a book I’ve been wanting to read, but since I don’t have an ereader, I decided to print the ebook out in teeny tiny font, cramming as much as I could onto the page (it’s double-sided too). Anyway, it’s not that long of a book, and I’m about 2/3 of the way through so far.

14/ It's like day and night

Yep, Wednesday was another double-photo day. Top is the morning commute, bottom is the week’s Butterlap crew during the regroup at Fort Mason. I feel like I’ve been riding quite a bit lately. On the Map My Ride site, I signed up for the New Year’s Challenge to do an imperial century in 30 days. I completed it in about a week. My daily commute is 10-10.5 miles (I don’t count getting to the train station in SF, since it’s only about a mile), and Butterlap tacks on another 18 miles once a week. Since I also rode bike party on Friday and then ran errands all over town on Saturday, it turns out that I racked up the miles pretty quickly. What’s a girl to do? Oh right, sign up for another challenge to bike 200 miles in 30 days. Ha. Go go go!!

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January 14, 2011 at 2:43 pm

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  1. I take a lot of photos of the sky too, and it embarrasses me a little. Thanks for being my partner in crime on that one.


    January 17, 2011 at 2:49 pm

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