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On taking photos and reading

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This "Photo A Day" project I’ve taken on is having its desired effect so far. I’ve been thinking about photography more often, and actively trying to "see" the world around me as a photographer. What I’ve noticed lately is I care less about the subject of the photo and more about the composition and lighting. I guess people oscillate back and forth between caring about this stuff, and at some point, I will probably care about some other aspect of the photo, but for now I’m really trying to look at light and line more than anything else.

The point of this whole project is to get me thinking more critically about my own photography. I realise that probably the only person who cares about my photography is me, so I don’t really like to talk about it too much with other people. I often don’t care about their photographic goals either. Sorry. I just don’t want to talk for 10 minutes about how your personal photographic goals and projects. I’d like to hear about them, yes, but not in excruciating detail.

To that end, I’ll spare you all the super long-winded discussion of me me me me me photography, etc etc…

I was going to do some kind of weekly wrap-up of the Everyday Project, but decided that’s boring. You want to know what I’ve been up to? Working, sleeping, seeing friends, riding my bike, and spending time with Mister when possible. Oh, and I’ve been reading a lot.

So hey, here’s a photo I recently took and really liked, along with the story behind it:

29/ Got a library card today

I discovered that I can get a library card from any city here in California. I immediately applied online for one and visited the library during my lunch break to pick up the card and take out a couple books. The branch that is closest to my work happens to be in a temporary spot at the moment (where the above photo was taken), so I wandered all around this rather large community centre for a while before finding it. I’d had this idea that the branch would be very small and not well-stocked, but it turns out that wasn’t true at all. A couple books caught my eye, so I checked them out with my brand-spanking new library card.

One of them is a Milan Kundera novel called "Farewell Waltz" which I started that evening and am already more than a third through. I think it’s interesting that I’m reading two books right now that have to do with pregnancies. I did not plan that; it just happened. What’s even more interesting is that they’re both about unplanned teen pregnancy.


Anyway, with all the reading I’ve been doing lately, I’ve somehow managed to watch quite a bit of television (on demand online of course). Last week, I stayed home sick one day and caught up on a bunch of my trashy teenager shows. It’s pretty weird watching everything online, but whatever works. How else am I going to keep up with what little pop culture I’m exposed to?

But yes… I’ve been devouring books. Devouring hungrily, like someone who’s never had the chance to read before. It’s my current obsession I’d say. I’ve even been seeking out time to spend reading, sometimes turning down social outings. Books are going to make me into hermit! Oh well, at least the stories will keep me company.

Written by Reese

January 28, 2011 at 11:00 am

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  1. Not trashy, but teenager (sort of) and AMAZING show you must watch: Misfits. It’s British. There are two seasons. Worth a weekend on the couch.


    January 28, 2011 at 11:02 am

  2. yay, for library books! i go on borrowing binges sometimes. though i admit i’m not much of a reader but if i have a good book that can hold my attention for the next few days, i must finish it or else it sits on the pile of “need to finish”

    happy reading!


    January 30, 2011 at 9:13 am

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