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A whole lotta cake

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You probably don’t really care how I got on this topic (it has something to do with hippos and twinkies), but somehow, I’ve been looking at cakes for the past 45 minutes and found some very strange ones, but also some very cool ones. I am not really a fan of cake, but I do like seeing how interesting some of them are. So let’s go:

Cool: The Rubik’s Cake

Weird: Baby Cake
edible baby.jpg

Cool in a really nerdy (and sorta outdated) way: iPhone Cake

Cool for the gamer in you: Katamari Cake

Weird again: Zombie Hello Kitty Cake

It sounds good, but is this good in practice? Sushi Cake

Cool and nerdy (do I see a theme here?): Tetris Cake

Cool: Camera Cake

Cool: Old school Atari cake

I can’t even think about eating this: Twinkie Cake

And last but not least: The Krispy Kreme Cake (ugh!)

Written by Reese

February 15, 2011 at 7:36 pm

Posted in just life

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