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Cream puff trickery

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I do this bait-and-switch thing where I bring friends to places that serve sweets, somehow convince them to get something, and then I utterly fail to get anything for myself because I don’t really like sweets that much. Well, you could probably chalk it up to me being overly controlling about what I eat and when, and that I can be terribly picky when it comes to desserts. I also get toothaches after eating very sweet oranges, so maybe the overly sweet American dessert scene just ain’t made with me in mind.

But wait, let me start with a little shopping story first.

This Sunday, I got to hang out with a friend around the Tenderloin/Union Square area. We ate Vietnamese food on Larkin and then I sneakily convinced him to go to H&M with me, where I tried on spring coats. (Getting boys to go shopping can be quite difficult.)

I was there to get some stretchy long-sleeve shirts to wear under my summer dresses, but I couldn’t find any shirts that I liked. H&M usually has really good basic lycra/cotton shirts, but I guess it’s too late in the season for the long-sleeved ones. They had plenty of short-sleeved shirts and tank tops, but that doesn’t really help when it comes to keeping me warm in a cold office.

So this is where I have to mention that, for a girl, I’m pretty bad at clothes shopping, usually getting annoyed in less than an hour by the crowds and frustrating sizing (too big/too small in all the wrong places). I try to stick to places like H&M where the sizing has been rather consistent and none of that vanity sizing business. Also, the fit at H&M seems to work for my body shape for the most part, but it looks like that might be changing soon.

Seems that I’ve shrunk a size in their clothes, which is odd because all my clothes at home fit me exactly the same as they use to. Is H&M starting to use vanity sizes? Or maybe the clothes are just running a bit large this season, since the style has been more floaty loose clothing than previously. But you know what? I’m blaming vanity sizing!

Who knows.

However disappointing, I still managed to find a nice spring trench coat and two cardigans that still had a slim fit. My friend was looking for a jacket, but all of them were either too trendy looking or just plain large, so he settled for a pair of pants instead.

Afterwards, we wandered around Union Square and ended up heading into the big mall at Powell Street to escape from the rain. Of course, we eventually ended up at the food court in the basement, walking around and checking out all the treats.

And this is where I did the usual bait-and-switch with the desserts. I managed to lead my friend to Beard Papa, where he ended up getting two cream puffs, one cookie crunch puff and one regular puff, both filled with regular vanilla cream. Then we found an empty table and I took photos of the cookie crunch cream puff while he was eating it.

Beard Papa cookie crunch vanilla cream puff

Beard Papa cookie crunch vanilla cream puff

I like taking photos of food, especially popular sweet desserts, but I often don’t like eating them, so it’s good having friends who are willing to buy and eat them with me so I can take photos. Most of my sweet-toothed friends don’t really complain when they end up getting something sweet while I just sit and watch, which is probably why we’re still friends. I can’t imagine that someone who thought this was torture would continue to hang out with me, but maybe some of my friends are masochists.

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March 15, 2011 at 12:22 pm

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