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Easy soon dubu recipe

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I found a recipe at The Kitchn for Soon Dubu Jigae (soft tofu stew) and decided that I would try making it at home myself. Soon dubu has always intimidated me because it sure seems like a lot of ingredients to get together. Plus, I don’t have the stone bowl or any Korean in me. Then again, it’s probably not that difficult to make good soon dubu, but it just seems scary because I’ve never made it before.

This recipe seemed doable because I already had the majority of the ingredients in my house. The only thing I had to buy was the dried shrimp, which I’ve never used before but turned out to add quite a nice little flavour to the dish.

Soon dubu, my own version

Since I used kimchi, it has a very strong kimchi garlic flavour, which is great for me, but maybe not for everyone. Also, a friend who came over and tried it remarked that it was at the top of his spicy tolerance, again probably due to liberal use of the kimchi. Personally, I only thought it was medium spicy. Of course, I make mine vegetarian, so there’s no meat or seafood in it. Maybe next time I’ll experiment with trying different meats, but for now I’m trying to keep it simple with just mushrooms and tofu.

Speaking of home cooking, we’ve been restricting our dining out to only a few times a week with great success. I usually bring my lunch to work so I can eat the food that I want to eat instead of heading out to a restaurant, and the Mister is finally understanding that bringing your own lunch is so much more satisfying than eating out everyday. He likes cooking a large pot of food at night and then bringing the leftovers with him the next day to work. It’s been saving us a bunch of money and we don’t feel bad about having to buy a lot more groceries than before, which of course ends up being cheaper than going out to eat all the time. Then again, we tend to eat a lot of cheaper items like cabbage, which helps keep the food bills down. Then again, we just end up spending the rest of our food budget on beer anyway, but we usually justify that to ourselves by reasoning it’s way cheaper than drinking beers at the pub.

Written by Reese

March 29, 2011 at 9:20 am

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