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What’d you have for lunch?

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I sure do love my RSS feeds, using them to follow a bunch of personal blogs and specific content from large sites as well. As you can probably guess, a lot of my feeds have to do with bicycles, food, or photography. I can’t possibly keep up with all these feeds, so I tend to click through a lot of stuff and mark them all as read. Why do I even keep them, then? I suppose I keep them there as bookmarks so I don’t forget about those sites.

But wait, keeping sites I never read bookmarked in my RSS feeds isn’t very efficient.

So this is the part where I admit that I clean them up every so often and where I realised something quite strange: I have a thing for daily lunch blogs.

For example, I browse the following sites:

Obviously, I love reading about lunches. Really, I’m just curious about what people eat for lunch everyday since my lunch is rather boring and predictable (most days it’s a sandwich). Truth be told, I actually dislike going out for lunch and would rather eat my own food everyday, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to know what other people are eating out!

Written by Reese

June 21, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Posted in just life

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