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The end of June

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Yesterday, the last day in June, I had the wonderful fortune of meeting with a rarely-seen friend. We seem to like each other just fine, but we just don’t see each other often. In between visits, we have very little contact, preferring to do all our catching up in person rather than maintaining steady virtual contact. The odd thing is that we seem to be able to pick up just where we left off whenever we do get a chance to meet.

I have very few friends with whom I can do this, but they do exist. Some friends require constant contact, and if either of us lags, it feels a little weird the next time we see each other. I’ve even had a few friends that required daily contact, people who reply to my emails within a few hours, sometimes replying multiple times a day. What I really dislike is when people shoot email replies back to me and reply to my sometimes carefully written dissertations (ha, but I must admit that not all my emails to friends are so long and well thought out) with bullet points or in-line quoted replies. I think sometimes other people don’t understand that I actually care about well-crafted responses from people, preferring to not feel like "yet another business email reply." Sometimes it’s the in-line quoted replies that irk me the most because that really feels like a forum post reply or a business email. You wouldn’t write a hand-written letter to someone and insert quotes from the other person’s letter. You’d more likely say, "To answer your questions about…" to preface your paragraph.

Just a personal quirk of mine. I may not be a writer anymore, but I still care about writing form.

But anyway, I find these constant-contact friends are quite difficult to keep in touch, and often the friendship will deteriorate to the point where we are no longer friends. In fact, I find these friendships so tiring that I’ll sometimes sabotage them by lagging with my responses until contact is lost. Yes. Sabotage. I’ll admit that I do it. All the person needs to do is shoot off a few quoted-in-line emails to turn me off.

Ok, enough of the ranting and raving about email penpal etiquette, or rather my own very rigid ideas about ‘acceptable’ letter writing anyway.

Now that June has come to an end, I’ve come to a few conclusions that I feel the very selfish need to share.

  1. Keeping your nails manicured is difficult (see point #2 below).
  2. Learning guitar is really difficult. Also, it mucks up your manicure.
  3. I can ride my bike for long distances, but I think my enjoyment goes down after 5 hours of riding, so I’ll try to stick to <5 hr bikerides in the future.
  4. Being honest with someone can be very helpful, but it can also be very hurtful. Choose wisely.
  5. Keep a variety of friends close to you, including the one that makes you laugh or distracts you when you’re down, the one who understands and doesn’t need to say anything, and the one who’ll hug you when you cry. Also, make sure you turn to the right one when you want a certain reaction. It can be disappointing when you ask someone for something they can’t give you.

And just because I like making lists, here are 5 things I am very grateful for this month, just to remind myself of some good things in my world. In June, I was grateful for:

  1. The library for having interesting books on the display shelf.
  2. My girlfriend making plans to visit us.
  3. The generosity and good will of people I don’t know well.
  4. Supportive friends who are excited for change and new beginnings.
  5. The freedom to choose how I spend my free time.

Written by Reese

July 1, 2011 at 12:14 pm

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