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Hookah, funny horror films, and hockey

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First, the hookah… So it sure seems that the big thing these days is the hookah lounge. Why? Who knows… Is it like this everywhere else, and not just in northern California? It seems like a really random type of thing to become popular. Today, we walked past another bar that has become a nighttime hookah lounge. It’s a strange little fad, and maybe short-lived like many of the other fads too.

So have any of you seen the comedy-horror film, Severence? If you like gashy horrorshows that have a good sense of humour, then you might like it. Plus it’s British and has plenty of people with those adorable accents (isn’t it funny how most Americans tend to think the British accent is the cutest thing?). Yes, it’s a pretty funny little horror film.

Oh right, so last night we went to the HP Pavilion where Frank got play a team game on the Sharks Ice afterwards. The two teams involved have to get 100 people to buy tickets, which wasn’t too difficult. Then, they get to play one of their games on the ice with their friends watching. It’s a pretty neat little setup.

On the ice

My favourite part,of course, was shooting around the place after the game. They really light up the area, and it’s interesting just looking at all the lights and structures there. The inside looks really new (it was built in 1993), and the outside definitely has that generic geometric look that most convention centres and athletic arenas tend to have. Still, it’s a nice place, and it looks really new still.

In the dead of night

Tickets please

Written by Reese

February 1, 2009 at 11:57 pm

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