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Kuro goma mochi, a favourite snack

I haven’t posted here lately, but I’ve had plenty of ideas of what to write about. Somehow, I’ve just never gotten the chance to sit down and do anything about them, so here is a quick update on what I’ve been up to lately.


I’ve been knitting like a crazy mofo. The good thing is that it keep my hands busy and I feel very productive. The bad thing is that I like to knit with wool, which is a fiber that I am sensitive to and cannot wear, so I am planning to give these away to people as gifts sometime in the future, including this nice green hat.

Green hat


I haven’t been doing much photography at all, but I did finally scan in the slide film that Jan sent me from Germany and I finally realise that slide film is pretty freakin’ awesome.

Also, I’ve thought about going back to just doing simple photos of food and stuff again because that simple stuff just makes me happy and I was starting to pressure myself too much to make “good” photos and not just upload all the crap that I shoot all the time. Oh, and I’ve realised that I shoot a whole lot of crap most of the time. Wow. I think my photos need a little bit less editing, and lot more FUN.

Bikey things.

I got a new bike and I haven’t ridden poor Dennis ever since. I am a huge fan of gears, now that I finally have them! Love… I continue to ride my bike every day and completely adore it. Riding my bike makes me happy.

Also, I made it to one of the SJ Fixed sprints and it was super fun meeting other bike people and watching the boys race. Boys on bikes make me so happy.

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December 1, 2009 at 10:35 pm

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A bikey, sunshiney life.

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Ok, so I keep thinking that I’m going to stop blogging about my newfound love for All Things Bikey, but it’s not going to happen, and if you have a problem with that then you can go ahead and not read this Yet Another Bikey Blog Entry.

This weekend, I had so much fun it’s unbelievable. After another lovely week of bike commuting to work, I got it in my pretty little head to bring Dennis up to town on the CalTrain so I could fulfill my dream of acting like one of those silly bike-renting tourists who ride around on Embarcadero. Yeah. I don’t know why I wanted to do it, but I did!

So early on Sunday morning, Darren came down to SJ with his bike, and we went over to Diridon and got on a train that took almost 2 hours to get us up to 4th and King. We rode over to the REI on Brannan so I could exchange my U-lock, then we hit up Patisserie Philippe for some tasty macarons.

It turned out that they were shut, but they let us in anyway to sell us a couple boxes of macarons. The kind man even gave us each one to nibble on while he was packing up the boxes, and then slipped us a crinkly cellophane bag of beautiful meringues for Bastille Day. So very nice of him!

After we slipped our precious boxes of macarons into out messenger bags, we hopped back on our bikes to head to the Embarcardero and I finally got to ride along the water on my bike! I was in heaven. It was so gorgeous and wonderful out too, and I had this big silly smile slapped on my face the entire time.

Yeah. One more wish fulfilled.

And on the way home, we found some beautiful shadows and light at the train station. So gorgeous.

Bikey life makes me pretty happy. I love seeing people riding them around and I love checking them out at the bike racks. So pretty. Round, and straight, and round all over again. So nice.

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July 13, 2009 at 9:22 pm

Conversations with strangers.

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Yes, this is another bikey post. Sorry. It’s somewhat consumed my life to the point of thinking about using my Caltrain pass (I get free pass on all zones on the weekends) to go up to SF with my bike so I can be like one of those crazy tourists biking on Embarcadero. Yeah.

The nice thing about a bike is that somehow it makes you more approachable by strangers. I think it also helps that I’m not a spandex-clad biker, so I look like a normal person out riding their bike from A to B. (Not that spandex makes you less approachable, but maybe you would look more like a “real” biker who might not want to be bothered and you might be training for something really cool too.)

I was leaving my building on the way home from work. I usually stop right outside the building to fix my garter (it keeps my skirt down while I’m riding), so I stopped as usual and clipped the edge of my dress to the garter. A lady who came out of the building right behind me exclaimed, “Oh, how nice that you ride your bike!” and we had a short little conversation about how she used to bike to work too, but now she has to drop off her son and has to drive. As we parted, she said, “Have a good weekend and a nice ride home!” Yeah. It was really nice.

Plus, I’m getting to have all kinds of random conversations with the other bikey regulars on my train. I take the same trains everyday, so you get to see the same people over and over. I feel like I’m even more conspicuous now, compared to the regular rider, simply because I am one of the few people who bring their bikes. Well, it’s not really a “few” people who bring their bikes; there are actually a decent number of us, but still a small percentag compared to non-bikey riders.

I also ran into Fritz again and we had a random little conversation about the skirt clip thing with another female biker who was wearing a skirt. She mentioned it looked like a good idea and a nice alternative to flashing most of downtown San Jose.

Oh, and then there’s the whole secret bikey subculture… This is getting interesting.

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July 10, 2009 at 7:01 pm

I missed you, Mr. Hopper!

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I named my bike Dennis. His frame says “Rock Hopper” so of course the first thing I thought of was Dennis Hopper, and hence Dennis. I’m even thinking of taking a piece of paper and taping over the “Rock” bit and writing “Dennis” on it. Yeah. That’s how much I love my bike. I will brave incredulous stares to do something funny.

Yesterday I did not bike to work. I was meeting a friend and the Mister was going to pick me up and take me to dinner. I would have ridden, but Dennis does not fit easily into the car. What can I say, he doesn’t want to be a drive-around-in-a-car bike. He wants to be an on-the-road-being-ridden bike, and he does not fit well in my puny car.

I thought I would feel really relaxed taking the shuttle to and from the CalTrain station, but you know what? I didn’t like it. Sure, it’s easy and I just have to sit down and do nothing while it takes me from point A to B, but I have to say that I really missed riding my bike!

This morning, with the wind whipping through my skirt, I rode from point A to B and then C to D with a big huge bikey smile plastered on my silly face.

Oh and that friend I met yesterday? Here he is in beautiful Fuji instafilm colour, courtesy of my lovely new camera, Geraldine (a Polaroid 195 Land Camera).

Nate and the luminous trees

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July 9, 2009 at 8:48 am

Braining… or triking…

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Since I work up in beautiful San Mateo, I get to take the Caltrain everyday to the office. And now I have had the joy of adding a bike into the mix and doing a bike-train kinda thing. I keep wanting to shorten it but braining or triking just doesn’t sound right to me. I guess I could brain myself to work. That sounds kinda sci-fi doesn’t it?

Ok so several reasons why I don’t just commandeer the car and drive there:

  1. We only have one car. Even though we live 5 miles from Frank’s work, he gets to use the car because… well because. I tried getting him to do the bike commute or to take the lightrail, but he’s just NOT THAT KIND OF GUY, so I just face up to it and let him take the car.
  2. We can’t buy another car. Because my current job is not paying me my usual millionaire engineer salary (because it’s not an engineering job, duh), I just don’t see the point in slapping down the cash for a second car right now. We would have to make all the monthly payments (the current car is already paid off, which is great) and more for insurance and all that.
  3. I actually don’t WANT to drive to work. San Mateo is freakin’ FAR and I’m sorry, but I’m not going to get in the stupid car and sit in traffic more than halfway up the peninsula just so I can have a car at work.
  4. Caltrain is a super comfortable ride and I don’t mind it one bit (except I have to wake up early, but I figure my driving commute would probably be the same time anyway).

So this brings me back to the whole train-riding bit. The bad thing about taking the train is that I live about 2 miles from the station here in SJ and I work in a building about 2 miles away from the station in San Mateo. There is actually a shuttle that will take me from downtown SJ right to the SJ station and then there is another shuttle that will take me from the San Mateo station to my building, but it means I’m at the mercy of the shuttle that runs on a specific schedule.

I don’t want to live according to the shuttle schedule! I want to take the baby bullet that gets me back to SJ in 30 minutes!


Yeah. Today was my very first bike-to-work experience, and I have to say it went pretty darned well. I got a bit lost on the way to the station in the morning, but I made it on a train and made it to work right when I wanted to. On the way home, my thighs were really burning with the hilly bridges in San Mateo (I’m a wuss, I know), but back in SJ I discovered the BEST street to ride home, which has a bike lane all the way to my house. Yeah. It’s pretty damned awesome.

Oh and plus?? I’m going to be INTERNET FAMOUS!!

(Or he was just a random stalker.)

When I got off the train at San Jose, this guy asked me if I knew about the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition and that he wanted to take my photo. I’m guessing he asked me because I’m wearing a girl outfit, aka typical Reese outfit, aka skirt with tights. Yeah. Who can resist a girl on a bike wearing a skirt? I know I can’t! Anyway, he took my photo and got my name and said that I would show up on the website somewhere, which probably meant I’ll never see those photos ever again, but whatever. I’m like famous! Hahaha…

EDIT: Dude… boy was FORREALZZZ… Check it!

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July 1, 2009 at 7:01 pm

Pets for Pride, Part One

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This weekend, we went to the SF Pride Parade, where I ended up taking only a few photos of the parade itself. I mostly took photos of pets! which of course made me very happy. Some of them were dressed up too! So cute. Enjoy!!








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June 29, 2009 at 10:25 pm

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Already filled!

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Oh wow, so my group for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk is already full! I guess I should send everyone some emails or something later on reminding them so that I can delete them if their plans have changed, but so far so good.

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June 29, 2009 at 10:07 pm

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Improvement with practice

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I am having a hell of a time learning to focus this Polaroid 210. The scale in the viewfinder is in feet, which is apparently difficult for me to figure out, but you wouldn’t think so since I live in the US and everything here uses feet and miles. I had finally learned to focus the Holga, but now I have to figure out a whole new camera and it’s frustrating. I suppose that the good thing is that I can get feedback right away. With the Holga, I just focused and hoped that when I finally developed the roll everything would be happy. Then again, maybe it’s better to not get the feedback right away. With the Pola210 I feel frustrated more often than with the Holga. Lemme ‘splain…

The nice thing about the Holga is that I can focus and shoot and not worry if each and every shot came out. I just have to wait until the roll is done and I’m totally ok with that. With the Pola210, I get to see how each and every shot came out right after I take it and, on average, I’m displeased with the shots more often than not.

And then there is also the dust issue, which is driving me absolutely batty! After you peel the instant film apart, you have to wait a little bit for the coating on the photo to dry. Usually it’s all very straightfoward and you simply lay it on a table or something to let it dry, and hopefully nothing will fall on it while it does. I have not had the best luck with this. I tend to shoot the Pola outdoors and the photos are getting blown in the wind and a bit dusty looking. I tried sandwiching it in my notebook, but the paper in there always puts a bit of dust on it too. Right now I’m going to try using a topper of waxed paper to see if it prevents sticking, dust, etc. Yeah. Annoying.

Even with all these problems, I am really enjoying instant film. It’s fun to shoot colour again!

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June 17, 2009 at 8:32 am

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When I started with photography, I had a teeny digital that I would take everywhere. When I needed more capabilities, I took up film photography with my friend’s old Pentax K1000. Soon enough, I ended up with a digital SLR, the Nikon D50 and shot that to death until I went back to film again when a friend gave me his Canon A-1. You can only guess that from mini-film, I went to medium format, and wound up with my photo kit today: a Hasselblad 500 C/M, Nikon FM2n, that Canon A-1, and a Polaroid 210 Automatic Land Camera.


Right now, I shoot a variety of film and digital. Film is mostly B&W medium format or instant film. The digital gets used when I want to take self-portraits or impulse shots. I’ve basically settled into a nice little idea of what tools I use to make what photos I want. It’s not strict, but I shoot mostly medium format B&W, colour instant film, and colour B&W. I don’t really know why I chose this way, but it seems to work for me.

I don’t even know what anyone else is going to care about reading this, but I have just wanted to get this whole scheme out of my head.

Also, I’ve been thinking about more seriously using instant film to capture life, so I bought a giant mess of Fuji Instafilm and received the lovely, velvety package in the mail this afternoon. Of course, I already loaded up the Pola Land Camera and took a shot at home. I need to work on focusing this camera, which means learning to tell how far things are in English units.

Daily labour

(This isn’t that shot. This is the last shot from the last pack of film that was in the Pola210. I’m such a tease. I probably won’t upload that other shot until tomorrow.)

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June 16, 2009 at 10:55 pm

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Leftover yarn projects

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I knit a lot of small projects like hats, scarves, and handwarmers. I would say that I have a really short attention span, too short to possibly make a sweater. Also, I’m kinda cheap, so that also prevents me from making a large item like a sweater or even a vest.

Having a lot of small projects means that I end up with a lot of scraps of leftover yarn that are simply too little to make a complete second project, and that means that I have been making a lot of little random squares using the leftover scraps. In our house, we use the scraps as cleaning rags, which may seem a bit weird, seeing as it’s a handmade, crafted item that’s just being used to wipe down the counters and floors. I like keeping a lot of these little scraps around so that I can simply toss them in the washer whenever they get too dirty to reuse.

What else can I do with the little leftover scraps?

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June 8, 2009 at 6:20 pm

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